Archive: January 2014

In case you haven’t noticed, most things are online now: TV listings, Microsoft, stress balls, Morgan Freeman. You can even use the internet to buy things. All kinds of things. In fact, it’s often much easier to buy things online than it is by phone or in-store. Now you might think, hold on internet man, […]

If you have or are just starting an ecommerce business and have heard so many businesses talking about Magento, you may be wondering why so many choose this platform.  In the following article we will outline 4 of the main reasons why so many businesses choose the Magento platform and why you should also consider […]

Software licenses have become part of the background noise of technological advancements. You know you’re going to be asked to acquiesce to the terms and conditions of a provider’s license agreement. You know that most of it will be the provider setting the legal boundaries for your use of their software, and at the end […]