Archive: February 2014

With home cinema systems becoming cheaper, and with the advent of BluRay and 4K, watching films at home has come to replace a night at the movies. For the following five flicks, the term blockbuster is an understatement; between them, they shifted close to 9 million Blu-ray discs in 2013. Let’s recall just why that […]

It is a well-known fact that millions of people in the United Kingdom run their own businesses from home. Such an arrangement offers entrepreneurs the ‘best of both worlds’, because it enables these people to keep their costs down by not having to pay out for expenses such as office leases, transport costs, and employee-related […]

As the world makes the transition from laptop to tablet, the printing industry is continually releasing new technology to keep up to date and stay relevant. Tablet use has grown into big business with over a third of the UK population now owning some form of portable device.By making their product accessible from such a […]

Technology is a funny old thing. For example, the latest gadget that everyone raves about one year could well be obsolete the next year or even within a matter of months! This is certainly true for smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. The desire to always have the latest technology can drive some people to spending […]