Archive: May 2015

Every passionate moviegoer loves the movies but hates the movie going experience. Restless crowd which is there to do everything but watch the movie, mobile phones, bad seats… At some point you just have to wonder is it really worth it? Not really, considering the fact that today’s technology allows us to watch our favorite […]

If you own a smart phone or a mobile device, chances are you have a collection of your favourite games and sports apps on it to fill up the gaps that everyday life provides. Large sports organisations like the Premier League clubs are global brands with a fan base spread across five continents. This large […]

Security breaches caused by malware cost the business world $491 billion in 2014, according to the IDC and NUS. This cost includes the considerable time spent on remediation and recovery from the breach. With new malware threats emerging at a prolific rate, businesses need to be well-equipped to deal with the potential hazards. The following […]

It seems just about everybody is on a health kick these days. People are attempting to exercise, eat well, and fight off any illnesses that attempt to bring us down. Exercising is brilliant, as is avoiding junk food and filling yourself with nourishment. However, technology can also help to keep you in tip top condition! […]

These days everything is digital. The whole world runs off computers, and the corporate world is no different. Since IT took the world by storm business has transformed. No longer does everything have to be done on paper. Now we have screens and the digital ether on which to run our businesses. Things are rarely […]

If you have an interest in gaming these days, you’re spoilt for choice. There has never been a better time to be a gamer. The industry is booming, gaming is popular across the world and new devices get released each year. If you’ve never taken up gaming before it can be a little daunting to […]