Archive: August 2015

Mobile app developers are always talking about numbers. From how many downloads a product has to the amount of megabytes the software will take from your mobile hard drive, numbers seem to be an integral part of the app world. With such an emphasis on numerals, it’s only natural that developers have taken this theme […]

Source: Becoming a professional blogger isn’t easy. But it is an incredibly rewarding career choice for creative individuals to take. It’s no wonder that so many are trying to break this phenomenal industry. As a growing media type, bloggers are constantly trying to find new ways of winning new audiences and making more money. There […]

Many small businesses are looking to the cloud to provide them with better structures and platforms to improve and modernise their services. Is yours? If not, it might be time to think again. In this guide, we’re going to outline five key reasons that your business should embrace cloud-based technology. Read on to find out […]

When you enter the world of business, you might find it hard to understand the rules. Let’s face it, you will make many mistakes when you first start out. That is inevitable. If you want to be a success, though, you have to have what it takes. No one said that this journey would be […]

One of the biggest buzzwords we hear in the IT world these days is “the cloud.” We are often told of the benefits of storing our data in a location far away from us. But, there are times where we need to have complete control of our information. After all; what guarantees are there that […]

In the past the two tech giants Microsoft and Google haven’t come into any serious conflict. Various disputes about pre-installed browsers and software aside the relationship has been cold but amicable. Now Google are trying to push into Microsoft’s heavily entrenched office market with Google Apps for business. The old dog still has a few […]

Microsoft recently offered the newest version of its operating system, Windows 10 as a free upgrade to all Windows users.  The software upgrade will be available for free for the next 12 months.  If you are wondering whether you should take the plunge and upgrade the current Windows system you are using with Windows 10; […]

The internet revolution has changed the business world in two important ways. First it has opened up the market to smaller companies that previously would have not been able to gain enough interest to make an impression. Second, it has made the market more competitive, and that means business owners have to evolve their strategy. […]

Have you recently started a company that trades online? Would you like some expert tips from the professionals? Then you’ve stumbled upon the right article. This page will provide you with a few key ideas that could help to propel your company forward. There is lots of competition in most industries at the moment. So, […]