Archive: October 2015

All car dealers could save a lot of time and money by utilizing modern technology. There are still a lot of dinosaurs out there who are afraid of computers and the internet. However, they could add a valuable element to your business and increase profits. We’re going to make some suggestions in this post to […]

Every office and home is pretty much stacked with all sorts of papers, parchments and documents. As we all know, the paper itself is produced by using some of the most essential natural resources – wood, water and energy; while the process of printing additionally uses a wide array of inks, solvents, dyes, acids, varnishes […]

The run up to the release of Apple Pay got a little nasty, with certain competitors pulling out the big guns in order to prevent a mass exodus from their customer bases. Back in September 2014, Pay Pal, a major online payment service, released an ad that openly criticised Apple for the iCloud hacking scandal […]

Whilst many of us all enjoy the ability to play a huge variety of games online, few of us think about what it takes to create a user-friendly gaming site. However, there’s much to be learned from the creation of such sites. And by following a few simple guidelines and procedures, you can be well […]

I’m sure you’ve heard it, either in the breakroom or joking around with friends. The popular, yet snarky, comment of “they make an app for that”. While it is funny, it is also extremely accurate. You can find an app for just about anything and yes, you can even find drone apps as well. The […]