Archive: December 2015

Low cost GPS Tracking devices for managing fleet vehicles GPS trackers have to be one of the most important innovations of the last few decades. Originally invented as a military navigation device, the GPS system of satellites was made completely free for civilian devices back in the 80s. While the sheer cost of developing equipment […]

It isn’t just a stereotype. MacBook users really do tend toward the overly enthusiastic – at the prices we pay for the things, we have to be. We tend to be reluctant to admit when our shiny companions start acting a bit funny, and the thought of purchasing a new one can prompt dangerous plans: […]

Jewelry innovation has changed over the centuries; from hand cut diamonds in the 15th century to laser precision symmetry in the past decades, every generation of jewelry experts witnesses a mini-revolution in the way precious pieces are designed and created. The latest new to market idea is linked with 3-D printing and those developing the […]

While small business is the foundation of the global economy, the competition is fierce, and staying on top of all costs can sometimes become an issue. Small companies rely on efficiency and effectiveness to become competitive on the market. Because of their restricted recourses, companies must always seek out the best possible means to save […]