Archive: January 2016

I recently read an article which can be found here on testing and understand your websites speed and whilst the article gives a fantastic insight it’s highly specific. With that in mind I thought I’d approach the subject with more of a rough guide. An overview of sorts. Reduce Server Response Time A website can […]

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is currently rolling out fibre-optic, fixed wireless and satellite infrastructure all across Australia. The NBN project aims to replace the pre-existing broadband infrastructure with a faster and more reliable broadband service. Once completed, expect to see download speeds of up to 100 megabits per second (that’s four times quicker than […]

Online brokerages have brought a lot of changes to the stock market. First and foremost they brought democracy to trading. Several decades ago, anybody who wanted to invest money in stocks needed to hire a regular brokerage firm. These firms offered only expensive packages that included market advice, and many other expensive services. Today anybody […]

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 with a curved display (image source: Flickr Creative Commons) Smartphones and tablets are dominating the tech discussion of late: we’re so busy marvelling at all the ways our phones will be shatterproof or how neatly our tablets will fold up into our pockets that it’s easy to overlook the […]

After looking over the viral videos of the last couple weeks it would appear that the new holiday tradition around the world is people young and old taking horrible spills off their new hoverboard gifts. While at first glance these images are kind of funny, the more you think about it these devices seem dangerous […]

We all get bored and need something to fill the time now and then. Here are the very best games to play if this situation sounds like one you find yourself in. Football Manager The Football Manager franchise is one that is known for eating into your life. You tell yourself that you’ll log on […]

Online project management platforms are proving to be a growing force for efficient business practices with SMEs adopting contemporary cloud-based, paper-free methods for their daily office collaborative tasks and project management. Excellent for improving teamwork and assisting project leaders, here are 5 of the most popular features of online project management platforms: Online Workspace The […]