Archive: August 2016
How to Create a Brand Voice

When branding or re-branding a business it’s important to define your brands voice in order to shape its identity and engage with your audience. Creating a brand voice helps you align your products and service offering to what your customers want and expect. Customers are now able to research companies much easier than ever before. […]


Collaboration with Pinnacle Data   When you talk about servers, most people imagine a huge row of identical black boxes that help to power huge companies like Microsoft and Google. In reality, though, businesses of all different sizes can actually benefit from having their own server. If you need more information on choosing the right […]

cartridge toner

Working with printers using toner cartridges may be expensive, but sometimes it’s the only way to go to get the results we want. The cost of replacing toner cartridges, especially if the output leaves a lot to be desired, may make printer owners wince. To replace old cartridges or toner, it’s a good idea to […]

Alienware Area 51

If you’re looking for a PC upgrade this year ahead of the hot game releases then you’re going to want one of the best rigs on the market that can cope with the high performance you expect with a top graphics card and less likely to overheat. Here we look at some of the top […]

  As we find ourselves in yet another month, the focus for more than a few of us invariably leads to the topic of change. A vast number of people assign as the arbitrary start date from which they will make their lives better – whether that comes in the form of joining a gym, improving […]

How To Play Games and Make Money

For all those gamers out there is no better way to turn your favourite hobby into a well-paying job. Although you may not want to abandon your current job, just yet, there are ways to play games and make money at the same time. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to play online casino games […]