Archive: April 2017

This article contains affiliate links   Esports, whether they are deemed true sports or not, have become one of the most popular pass times in the world. Esports fans consist of; the professional gamers who play competitively, the amateur gamers who play for fun, streamers, analysts, online audiences and live audiences. Esports have a place […]

  Could you imagine your life without your smartphone? For most of us, forgetting our smartphone somewhere and going a full day without the convenience of checking our emails, messages, social media accounts, using payment portals along with our favourite apps and games sounds like medieval torture. Irrespective whether you’re a diehard Apple fan or […]

    When we talk about construction projects, we’re talking about jobs that are done on a large scale – and due to its scale, it lends itself to many opportunities for failure. Things go wrong quite quickly if one person or the other doesn’t focus correctly, makes the wrong choice, or ignores some of […]