Increasing your exposure as a business will help to spread your brand message. You’ll be able to reach a larger chunk of your target market. People who would never have heard of you will learn who you are. Increasing your exposure can only be a good thing! Here are 6 techniques that will help you do just that:

Leaflet Dropping

Dropping off leaflets is an old fashioned marketing technique, but it has been proven to work. Posting flyers through doors locally is great if you’re a local business. People in your area will learn who you are and what you can do for them. Some will get ignored, but some could get you loyal customers. You may even want to hand these out further afield if you can work in multiple places.

Business Cards

Business cards are very handy. Pens and paper aren’t things we usually carry around with us, even though we often need them. If you don’t have business cards, you might miss your opportunity to introduce yourself to a potential customer. Have unique business cards printed up and hand them out to everybody you speak to. Leave them in places your target market may find them too!

Media Buying

Many people don’t even know what media buying is. Did you think, ‘what is media buying?’ too? Don’t worry! Media buying is hiring a company to sort out important advertising opportunities for you. You could get a sought after advert slot on the TV, on the radio, or in a big newspaper with a quality media buyer.


Blogging is a great tool for all kinds of people and businesses. If you post great content, people will share it. This automatically increases your exposure! There are some rules though. Your content should be unique, helpful, and relevant. Don’t copy other posts off the web, as this can get you into trouble. If you can share your expertise in something, you may even become known as an authority in your industry. This can make you very popular!

Social Media

Millions of people use social media platforms every day. Work out which you’ll find your target market active on, and you’ll be able to engage with them. Keeping your target market engaged is what it’s all about! If you post great statuses, photos, and tweets, you can expect lots of follows and shares too.

Free Merchandise

Giving things away is a simple yet effective technique that always works. Giving away branded merchandise that people always need will mean your name can’t be forgotten. Mugs, pens, t-shirts, and umbrellas are all great choices. People love free stuff, and they’ll see your brand name often. You could even give away hot chocolate on a snowy day to lure people into your shop! You don’t need to sell to them once inside – the fact you’ve given them hot chocolate with no strings attached will get them talking to their friends. Your name will be everywhere, in a good way!

Need more business advice? Check this out! I hope you found these tips useful!


image taken from flickr