Working with printers using toner cartridges may be expensive, but sometimes it’s the only way to go to get the results we want. The cost of replacing toner cartridges, especially if the output leaves a lot to be desired, may make printer owners wince.

To replace old cartridges or toner, it’s a good idea to use a voucher code from one of the many online coupon sites. You can usually save yourself heaps on the regular price for what amounts to the same thing.

Again, buying a new cartridge may seem like the only solution to improve printouts, but there are actually other things you can do to get the most out of your cartridge toner before ultimately buying a new one.

Clean it out and give it a little shake.

If your printer seems to be performing poorly, the fault may lie with the cartridge. The uneven prints or streaks may in some cases be attributed to the uneven distribution of ink inside the cartridge. It may also be due to a clogged nozzle. To solve this issue, remove the cartridge from the printer carefully, then wipe the bottom with a slightly damp paper towel to remove clogs. Dry it with a piece of clean cloth or paper towel. Next, wrap it loosely in another paper towel, and give it a little shake. This way, you’ll redistribute the toner powder, giving printouts the same good quality they once had.

Don’t print unnecessary documents.

Technology such as email and cloud storage has made it possible for us to do our work efficiently and without using up too much of our office resources, like paper and ink. Unless absolutely necessary, refrain from printing documents that will use up toner cartridge ink and increase office waste. By saving ink and paper for important documents only, you will not only extend the life of your cartridge but also save money by buying less. If you absolutely need something printed, consider if printing in draft mode will do—most of the time, it will.

Consider refills instead of replacements.

If the ink in your toner cartridge has completely run out, you can still reuse the cartridge by refilling it. Toner refill kits may be purchased in-store or online. Be sure to read the instructions on refilling carefully. Some cartridges may be refilled up to three or four times before needing a replacement.

Go for the printer-friendly version.

If you need to print a webpage, get its printer-friendly version instead of printing it as is. This option removes web elements such as navigation bars and ads that use up a lot of ink. Don’t forget to print in fast or draft mode!

Make the printer think you have a new toner cartridge.

Sometimes printers notify you of an empty cartridge when in fact it still has quite a bit of ink left, and won’t print unless you put in a replacement. There’s a trick to make it think you have a new cartridge in: cover the “empty” cartridge’s sensor hole with a bit of electrical tape and put it back in. This could help you print five, or a thousand more pages before the toner actually runs out.

Switch to an ink-saving font.

Some font styles, especially chunky ones, use up more toner than others, and if used together with bold formatting and a large font size, can quickly deplete your supply of ink. To make your toner last, use size 11 and 12 fonts whenever possible (or smaller, if you can manage it). Among the ink-saving and economical fonts you can use are Times New Roman, Tacoma, Ecofont, and Calibri.