Weather forecasting is a difficult thing to get right; of course, experts can study the meteorological conditions and predict what will happen next, but even the most experienced cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. Sometimes, however, you simply want to know what the weather is like for the next few hours – perhaps for a journey to work or elsewhere – and this can be done using satellite tracking, which follows the weather system as they move. This sort of technology is widely available to weather stations, but how do you use it on personal level?

You could download the superb app called WeatherBug, available for both Android and iPhone, and have at your fingertips an accurate, detailed and highly informative weather app that provides you with loads of information about the weather now and in the future. This is the best of the many weather radar apps for Android, and offers a whole range of information that covers a vast array of weather options, storm tracking and more. It’s easy to use and can be downloaded to your phone or tablet, so you never need to leave the house without knowing what the weather for the day ahead will be.

WeatherBug draws its information from a massive network if weather stations and tracking radars across the country, and provides instant information on the current weather conditions in your locality, so you can track if any storms or showers are heading your way, as well as offering advance forecasts that are far more accurate than any other. Indeed, this is one of the only weather radar apps for iPhone to have won awards for its performance, and its many satisfied users have rated it very highly in terms of ease of use, usefulness and accuracy.

Further information available includes a variety of screens for analysing local weather, foreign weather reports for those looking to travel abroad, and a handy storm tracker. The latter tells you where the most violent thunderstorms are at present, and where they may be heading in the immediate future. Temperatures are available in Fahrenheit and centigrade, and speeds in miles per hour or kilometres, and there are many customizable features included in WeatherBug that mean you can tailor your reports to suit your immediate requirements and location. This is a must-have app for everyone who travels in the open, or those going on vacation, and it’s completely free to download and use.

You can find WeatherBug at iTunes for iPhone, or at the Google store for Android, and it is simple to download. Well-developed and bug-free, you can even see where lighting is striking in real time! The radar screens show you where the weather fronts are and how fast they are travelling, so you can plan your journey in advance, and it has proven to be a very worthwhile asset to many users. Have a look at the WeatherBug app now on the stores mentioned and see just how it can help you with more accurate and informative forecasts and weather information.