Android is an operating system designed for use on cell phones. It is a Linux-based system. The technology can also be used on tablet PCs, e-readers and other mobile devices. Top benefits for consumers of Android smartphones are that it provides easy access to social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Also, there is an unrestricted connection with several Google products like Google calendar, Gmail and Google maps. Due to its open system, Android has been adopted by a number of prominent manufacturers including Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC and Samsung.

The Android Market

The Android Market is an online software store to purchase applications. This market is called Play Store. Developers who create applications can add them to the store. These applications can be downloaded by customers. Some of the Apps are free while some are paid for. Did you know that you can play your favourite Canadian online casino games with your smartphone anywhere and anytime?


Android OS allows multitasking in the sense that various applications can run simultaneously.  The availability of the Task Manager makes it is easy to view all running tasks. Users can quickly switch from one App to another is.

Free data

Free data collection platform built on Androids is designed for use with mobile devices in the developing countries where data collection equipment is in short supply. The Android system supports tethering which enables a phone to be used as wired/wireless Wi-Fi hotspot. This system also supports the capturing of a screenshot by pressing the power and volume down buttons at the same time. Its phone actions are diverse. The platform also allows for real money online casino. Android is readily available on mobile phones from various manufacturers.

The Most Popular Operating System

This is a mobile platform. The Android Operating System’s popularity amongst hardware manufacturers and the general population has grown in recent years. The free and open market model permits registered software manufacturers to develop applications for Android mobile devices. Developers can display the Apps in the market without many reviews or waiting for considerations. This system is the most favoured OS because of its flexible and adaptable capability to support screen-based interfaces.