The days of Windows PCs dominating the workplace are gone. Apple has stepped up its game and its capabilities for businesses provide many benefits over Windows. If you’re considering getting a new computer for your workplace, here are some of the top reasons you should choose a Mac.

1. Security

The costs and efforts of securing Windows PCs can take a toll on your business. Frequent antivirus updates and cleanups can be a drag. On the other hand, Macs are secure by design.

All macOS (computers) and iOS (mobile devices) are built on a stable UNIX foundation and feature file-level encryption keys. Regular software updates also ensure Apple products are consistently safeguarded from new security threats.

2. Backup and Recovery

Macs provide easy, efficient, and secure backup and recovery options for businesses, including:

  • Automated backups with Time Machine or iCloud
  • Quick recovery to reduce downtime
  • Install a fully usable backup on another Mac

By contrast, recovering a PC often takes a lot more time and effort.

3. Device Integration

Chances are, you and your employees already have some sort of Apple product, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or even a MacBook for personal use. With Macs at your workplace, you can benefit from continuity among all these devices.

For example, you could start a project at home on your iPad and easily finish it on your Mac at work. Syncing calendars, contacts, apps, and emails is a great way to stay organized and efficient. AirDrop also allows you to quickly share important documents between any Apple devices.

While you might not want to immediately trash any Windows PCs you currently have for your business, you should consider integrating some Apple devices into your workplace. If you’re wondering where the best place to buy a Mac for your business is, contact MelroseMAC, a proud Apple Premier Partner in Southern California.