Augmented Reality, or AR, is a technology that enriches the real world with digitally-based info and media, like 3D models or videos, which are overlaid in real-time onto the camera of your tablet, smartphone, connected glasses, or PC.

AR renders the environment which you are actually in, into a digital interface, and can be viewed through a variety of modes. There are 3 main groups of AR tools:

  1. AR 3D Viewers

This group includes Augment, which allows its users to overlay life-sized 3D models onto their surroundings, with or without using trackers. Trackers are basic images that are able to have 3D models attached in AR.

  1. AR Browsers

These are able to enrich your camera’s display with contextual info. For example, you could point your mobile device at a building, and its history or estimated value would be displayed.

  1. AR Gaming

When experienced through gaming, AR is able to create immersive entertainment experiences that are able to make use of your actual surrounds. For example, a shooting game could take place where you battle zombies infiltrating your house! The biggest AR game of the moment is, of course, Pokémon Go, which has turned the entire world into a hunting ground for these made-up creatures.

People who enjoy games like online slots are particularly excited about the development of AR technology, since it would allow for a totally unimaginable level of game immersion from wherever the players may find themselves.

How AR Gaming Began

Although AR has been brewing for many years conceptually, Professor Thomas Caudell is the man to thank for coining the term in 1990. He was referring to a digital display head-mount that guided his workers through the process of assembling the wiring of aircrafts.

By the time of the millennium, the first steps towards AR were developing, with ARQuake being the first real example of AR in the gaming industry. An augmented reality version of the popular Quake game, developed by id Software, proved incredibly popular with players and development has been in place in earnest ever since.

AR Games Currently Available

Pokémon Go is the best-known example of AR games, and is one of the biggest success stories in history. It was produced by Niantic, Nintendo and the Pokémon Go Company, and has been a cultural phenomenon since its July 2016 release. Other popular AR game titles include House of the Dying Sun; Elite: Dangerous; and Vanishing Realms.

The Future of AR Games and Casinos

Although we are not quite there yet, the goal of AR technology when it comes to casino game play is one of convenience, along with a totally immersive playing experience. You would be able to sit down at your kitchen table and take part in a high-stakes poker game right alongside other players that you would be able to interact with in real-time. Slots machines could be overlaid onto your bedroom wall and you could experience the thrill of a big win along with the sights and sounds of a virtual casino atmosphere without ever having to leave your house again.

AR has so much potential and it looks like Pokemon Go has opened the door for developers and players to explore a whole new, exciting world.