Software is an essential feature of all computer systems. Without it, our computers would become expensive pieces of scrap metal! There are many software solutions out there, ranging from operating systems to productivity suites.

Some people create open-source (free) software. Whereas others sell people licences to use their software. If you have created some kick-ass software, it’s likely you will want to sell it. After all, you have to earn a living and pay for your development costs!

The best way of selling software is to do so online. But if you’ve never done so before, how do you go about selling software online? Good thing that you’re reading this blog post, because I will show you how!


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Assemble an army of beta testers

Before you release your software to the world, the first step is to beta-test your software. It’s an essential way to make this a profitable exercise for you and your organization.

The job of beta testers is to try and “break” software. They do this by attempting to push the boundaries of the software, so that they can learn what it can handle.

Trying to sell an untested piece of software is a bad idea. That’s because people will demand a refund as it’s not software they can use!

Set up a website

Websites are essential for software developers. They are the online point of reference for end users and industry professionals. And they are useful for those that want to buy your software for the first time.

You will need to hire an e-commerce specialist. Doing so will enable you to accept online payments on your website, in return for the digital delivery of your software.

You can also give customers the option to have a disc mailed to them. Be sure to charge them extra to cover shipping and handling costs!

Offer your customers free trials

Are you planning on charging a few hundred bucks for your software? Maybe even $50? Whatever you price your software at, it’s important that customers can try before they buy.

Many software vendors offer customers 30-day free trials. When the trial periods are over, customers can decide to uninstall the software, or pay for the full version.

Don’t be a victim of software piracy

For many software developers, the software they create turns them into a victim of their own success! Software piracy is rife on the Internet. Large software corporations like Microsoft and Adobe have been battling the problem for decades.

The bad news is that software piracy also affects smaller, independent software vendors too. On the plus side, there are plenty of ways that you can combat the problem for your own organization:

  • Use a DMCA takedown service. Have you found websites sharing illegal download links to your software? If so, you can use a service that contacts the website owner and demands the content gets taken down;
  • Obfuscate your code. Don’t make it easy for hackers to reverse-engineer your software;
  • Control distribution of your software. Keep a tab on who you sell to, so that you can discover who is giving away your software to others.

Good luck with your online software sales venture!