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Source: Becoming a professional blogger isn’t easy. But it is an incredibly rewarding career choice for creative individuals to take. It’s no wonder that so many are trying to break this phenomenal industry. As a growing media type, bloggers are constantly trying to find new ways of winning new audiences and making more money. There […]

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a sideline enterprise or the primary way for you to make a living. There’s no disputing that blogs are increasing in popularity. And because of this explosion in popularity, they can serve as creative ways to make some money. Of course, not everyone knows how to make a blog successful […]

Staying in touch with people in the same country is hard enough. When you’re trying to stay in touch with people who live abroad, though, it can feel almost impossible. Luckily, we live in a world with advanced technology, where you can talk to anyone on the planet for free. When a friend or relative […]