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Smartphones have been making so many aspects of life easier. We can now do so many things on the go. You can interact with people over social media and read up information on online encyclopedias. More importantly, you can even make online payments. We’ll refer to the widespread use of these payments as mobile commerce. […]

Are you Not Playing on Your Smartphone? You Are the Exception

Are you old enough to remember Snake? If not, do a quick Google search to see the first truly successful mobile game. It was preloaded on Nokia’s 6110 model, a handset released in the late 1990s. Since then mobile gaming has grown into a huge industry. According to a year-old estimate, mobile gaming revenues should […]

The run up to the release of Apple Pay got a little nasty, with certain competitors pulling out the big guns in order to prevent a mass exodus from their customer bases. Back in September 2014, Pay Pal, a major online payment service, released an ad that openly criticised Apple for the iCloud hacking scandal […]

I’m sure you’ve heard it, either in the breakroom or joking around with friends. The popular, yet snarky, comment of “they make an app for that”. While it is funny, it is also extremely accurate. You can find an app for just about anything and yes, you can even find drone apps as well. The […]

Introducing itself as ‘DIY Letting’, Rentr is the new admin app created for Landlords and Renters in the UK. Rental or house-hunting apps have been around for the last few years due to the high demand from mobile millennials, and the majority of these have essentially been mobile versions of RightMove, allowing users to browse […]

Photo by raasiel, CC BY 2.0 If you are planning to bid goodbye to your old phone and switching over to a new one, you should take care of certain things before disposing it off. It is very important that you save and transfer important data from your current phone to a secure place (laptop, […]

If you own a smart phone or a mobile device, chances are you have a collection of your favourite games and sports apps on it to fill up the gaps that everyday life provides. Large sports organisations like the Premier League clubs are global brands with a fan base spread across five continents. This large […]

It’s no secret that the mobile phone industry is vast and lucrative. But with dominant brands like Apple and Samsung, is it even possible to establish a new brand in the market? The answer is yes. Can you remember the days when Nokia dominated the consumer market and Blackberry the corporate one? Nowadays both brands […]

We all know that there are a few cell phone networks to choose from these days. If someone said to you that you should consider setting one yourself, you might respond with laughter! After all, such a suggestion seems quite ridiculous, don’t you think? It turns out that you might not have the last laugh, […]

The prevalent use of mobile technology now calls for more digital means of engaging with clients. For those in the know, having an app is a vital resource for your business. In fact, apps are now becoming more and more important within businesses. As with all aspects of business, you need to ensure that you […]