The best route to buying a good value for money iPhone 6 and the benefits of moving up to one from an older iPhone such as a larger screen and all-new design. 

Enjoy affordable larger screen tech and a new look from Apple’s iPhone

The iPhone 6 was originally released in 2014 to take over from the 5S, and marked a departure in design for their hugely popular smartphone. A new case and larger screen options – up to 4.7 inches from the previous model’s 4 inch and the availability of a larger 5.0 screen with the 6 Plus version – meant the 6 was a genuinely all-new phone compared to some releases that offer no more than a mild revision.

Since then there have been two more generations of iPhone and there’s another release, the iPhone 8, due later in the year but the 6 still has a lot to offer for the savvy user who doesn’t mind not having the very latest iPhone in their pocket. Another great advantage of the iPhone 6 being a few phones old is the opportunity to pick one up for a decent price.

How much?

Presently, it’s possible to lay your hands on a refurbished iPhone 6 for prices starting at under £200 for a 16GB model. For this you’d get a phone with a warranty and a satisfaction guarantee fully checked over and including a new Apple lightning cable along with a SIM removal tool.

If you think you’d require more storage, then a 128GB version would come in at about £60 more. This is worth considering if you like to carry a large music collection with you; because of the larger screen, you may find yourself watching more video than usual if you’ve come from a smaller screened phone, so don’t skimp on storage.

You’ll be aware if you already use an iPhone that extra storage can’t be added in the form of memory cards, so make the right choice from the outset.

Where to buy?


As with the example above, the refurbished route offers a good combination of value for money and peace of mind. The phones have been fully checked and ‘memory wiped’ so they’re ready for a new user, and there’s usually a warranty and a money back guarantee so if you’re not totally happy with your phone it can be returned for a refund or replacement.

Also, the refurbishers above are established companies and experts in what they do, with a proven reputation; many have reviews on independent platforms such as Trustpilot so you can read their customers’ comments.

Other sources (including eBay)

You may well find when searching on a site like eBay that many smartphone refurbishment companies advertise there anyway, and while a private seller may have a phone for auction there’s the hassle of waiting to see if your maximum bid has been successful.

There might be the occasional ‘buy it now’ phone at an attractive price, but there’s no comeback with a private seller so long as they describe the phone accurately. In any event, you may find a ‘buy it now’ price not much less than that of a refurbisher who can offer added benefits such as warranties and satisfaction guarantees.

Buying privately

Along with eBay you’ll come across private sellers on sites such as Gumtree – and here you can do a local search of iPhones for sale.

You may find private sellers don’t offer much, if any, price advantages compared to buying from a refurbisher especially when you take into account the benefits and peace of mind a smartphone refurbishing specialist can offer.

iPhone 6 value

The iPhone 6 is a good value smartphone now; for possibly less than £200 a larger screen and the latest iPhone case design can be yours.