Collaboration with Earth Networks


If you’re in the business of public safety, weather events are something you keep a sharp eye on, not only to alert people to seek shelter but to make sure you’re ready to help those who get caught in the storm or its after-effects. Earth Networks can help you get out in front of potentially harmful storms with its real time weather tracker and lightning alert app.

Emergency Plans

It takes a lot of time, money, patience and input to create an emergency preparedness plan for your operations, whether you run a local school district, municipal government or state agency. You hold regular disaster drills offer public information campaigns to make sure everyone, from preschoolers to older adults and first-responders too, knows what to do in an emergency. The only thing you may not have prepared for is advanced weather alerts.

Weather Tracking

With Earth Networks’ real-time weather tracker, you don’t have to guess where a storm is moving, you can see it for yourself with real-time data and storm visualization. The web-based weather dashboard alerts you to storms and provides you collaborative monitoring abilities so your response team can make decisions quicker and take action sooner to mitigate risks.

The system is supported by a network of 12,000-plus, professional-grade weather stations around the world that provide weather updates every two seconds. It’s also customizable, with the ability to include and overlay your own points of interest and maps.

Mobile Weather Alerts

A mobile solution for weather monitoring is offered in Earth Networks’ lightning alert app, which delivers alerts and weather data to those in the field. Outdoor recreation areas especially have a need for this system and its advanced notifications of area lightning strikes so they can ensure guest safety before the storm hits.

Along with its benefits to public safety, Earth Networks offers an advance warning to businesses and other organizations sensitive to weather conditions such as utilities, education, airports and more. With a weather dashboard, you’ll know as soon as possible when to put your own emergency plans into action.