What is IP geolocation and why do I care?

To understand what IP geolocation is answer this question. Should you worry about being tracked? Let’s say you send a picture to your mother right now of you at a café. She might be clever enough to tell where you are if she was familiar with the location, but if she was not she would rely on context clue to deduct where you are. Therefore, she may be able to tell you are at a café but would have no idea where the café is or what the café is called. This is where IP geolocation comes into play. If your mother really needed to know where you are she could track your IP address, though an IP geolocation lookup, and figure out your location.

Is this effective?

Well let’s see. Go to an IP Lookup, WhatIsMyIPaddress.com, and see where you show up on the map. I would imagine it gets pretty close to your exact location and even closer if you enable your browser update your location. It can get frightening at how close geolocation can zoom in on you. It may have even surprised you how much information was displayed. It is relatively standard for IP Lookups to show your:

• Country

• Region

• City

• ZIP Code

• Longitude and Latitude

Is this safe and should I worry?

The IP address that you saw most likely was your home computers IP address. This, of course, depends on where you are. If you are using the café’s computer that IP address would be shown. The chances are the location revealed was miles away from your home, but this is useful to find out what town or area a person is in.

Let’s use another example.

Let’s say you own a business, and you operate from multiple locations and have multiple different phone numbers. Or that you work overseas and a web user in a different county would like to render your services. If your provided phone number is foreign, it looks “fishy.” Just think about it would you want to contact a foreign number for personal business? No. You would require the confidence that your business partner is reliable. This is where personalizing a phone number by geolocation comes in to play. When 80 percent of internet users own a smartphone and 96 percent of mobile search traffic is being driven by Google, it has never been more urgent to have personalized phone numbers.

The effectiveness of personalized phone numbers by location

A personalized phone number not only increases the mobile experience for your visitor it also makes your website appear more trustworthy and reliable and is easily implemented using an IP geolocation API. Merely imagine looking up a website and then being able to directly use a click-to-call link on one of the personalized phone numbers provided for your mobile users. It would be effortless, reliable, and trustworthy. All of which are keys in retaining a successful business.