With rumours abounding about the new iPhone 7 which is set for release in the autumn, everyone’s dying to find out more about what’s in store for Apple’s newest flagship phone. Here’s our sneak peak at some of the big changes that could be coming, from the edge-to-edge display to a new dual camera system.

iPhone 7 design

The new iPhone is likely to get a big upgrade in terms of design, possibly being even slimmer than the 7.1mm iPhone 6S, and likely to be somewhere between 6mm and 6.5mm, in line with the iPod Touch. While we think this might affect the battery size, it could be possible as the Samsung Galaxy S6 is only 6.8mm. As we’ve also heard that Apple are likely to do away with the 3.5mm headphone jack, this suggests that a slimmer body is definitely on the cards.

There’s also rumours that it might have an all-metal design, and that it might do away with the bezel completely. Sounds a bit radical, but it could be just what the iPhone needs. Robustness will also be a feature, with some Apple suppliers suggesting that it may have ‘rugged’ features, making it both water and dust-resistant, and that it may incorporate a new technology called ‘Pixel Eyes, which makes it easier to use the screen if your fingers are wet.

We’re also likely to see the removal of the ‘camera bump’ and the antenna bands, giving the phone a totally flat rear.

iPhone 7 screen

Sources at DigiTimes suggest that Apple is likely to incorporate a glass-on-glass screen, with the possibility of a QHD or even 4K display. If the iPhone does get higher resolution, then we might see the overall size of the phone growing too. However, we think that Apple will stick with the current 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch models.

Of course, the new iPhone 7’s sleek body and higher resolution screen will make using apps much easier, and you’ll find it a breeze to use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, not to mention playing your favourite online games and casino slots. With the phone’s battery life reported to better than previous models, losing yourself in a Clash of Clans marathon, trying your luck at virtual black jack or spinning casino slots at europalace.com are real possibilities.

New Features for the iPhone 7

We’re also likely to see the usual internal upgrade for the processor, but we’re also expecting to see a new dual camera system, stereo speakers and a much larger battery. At the moment Apple are trialling 3D Touch, wireless charging and Li-Fi technology, so we may see some of these being incorporated to the iPhone 7.



Wireless, cord-free Bluetooth earphones could be one of the biggest innovations in terms of iPhone accessories, especially if they’re planning to remove the headphone jack completely. However, it’s more likely that it will come with Lightning cable-based headphones, and that the cord-free Beats will be sold as a premium accessory.

We think that the iPhone 7 will hit the stores sometime in September, particularly as the last few models have all been launched in this month, although we are hearing rumours that it might be brought to the market a little earlier.