Horror is a very unusual genre in the entertainment industry. On the one hand, it remains one of the most enduring and respected genres of all. On the other, it seems to always be a genre that game, and movie makers, tend to steer clear of. But why? It seems that when good horror games and movies do come along, that the world jumps on them, giving them all sorts of attention.

Let’s take a look at why horror is one of the most polarising industries in the entertainment industry.

Horror Is Not Easy

Horror is a very difficult thing to get right, of this there is no question. It is, after all, a very fine art to truly scare people, or make people uncomfortable. There are many subtleties and factors involved in scaring other humans that must be thoroughly understood, lest the result be more comedic, as opposed to terrifying.

Simply showing scary images to people is not enough, especially given how numb people are these days to horrific imagery. True horror is based around suspense, tension building, and careful implementation of a sense of danger. In other words, horror is not a genre that can be tackles by just anyone. Hence, many entertainers are afraid of approaching the genre, given how easily they may get it wrong.

Horror Is Not For Everyone

Plus, not only is horror a difficult genre to approach, but getting it right may just be enough to keep people away. Many will not play horror video games, or watch horror movies, simply because they do not like being made uncomfortable.  Something that is too effective at creating horror may just be too much for them.

In other words, a horror entertainment product may fail simply because it is too effective at doing what it set out to do. And, were it not obvious, self imposed failure of a project is not something that creators want to deal with.

Good Horror Scores Big

On the other hand, truly good horror products often see enormous success, far more so than all other genres combined. A good horror movie is as satisfying as winning big at online pokies NZ  and a good horror video game can instantly draw interested people, simply from being so effective at what it has set out to do. The infamous video game Amnesia, for example, achieved success well beyond what was expected, simply because it was considered horror genius, in a time when horror games were not at all popular.

Likewise, movies such as The Exorcist are cinema legends, having nailed horror so accurately that the buzz never seems to die out completely. Modern horror movies rarely aim for the genius of The Exorcist, for the above mentioned reasons, despite the fact that The Exorcist has seen success way beyond what could be expected of a standard horror experience.

In other words, the horror genre is a mixed bag as far as success goes. A product has to be exceptional in order to stand apart, lest it simply be shunned be audiences, and fail simply due to being too god, but not good enough. Which creator wouldn’t be scared by such a bizarre notion?