27 years ago, the internet became available to the world. And along with the introduction of the internet came a drastic change in the way companies market and even sell their product. So what’s changed? Today, we’re going to explain exactly why we think the internet has changed marketing for the better.


Think about it. Without the internet as we know it today, we wouldn’t be able to research a product we were interested in, purchase a book or a movie and start reading or watching immediately after purchase, buy clothing, toys, games, electronics and more from the comfort of our living room, or even order dinner with a couple of clicks and without ever leaving the house or talking to someone on the other end of a phone!

The Internet has opened a door to businesses that hasn’t been possible to open before now. It allows business owners to advertise and sell to a much larger audience without being tied down to a single location on a map. A website is far cheaper than any physical store, and everyone becomes a winner because consumers don’t have to ever leave their house to buy a product or service!

The Power of Analytics

Thanks to the internet, business owners can now track what’s working and what isn’t with the help of analytics.  If there is one thing you need to know about managing a successful business, it’s that you need to be aware of how, why and when your consumers are shopping for your product. You need to understand your audience in order to be able to grow. And this is the true power that the Internet has given to business owners through the gift of analytics.

The Internet and Social Media

With the creation of the internet came social media, and there are few marketing campaigns that work well without it. Social Media Marketing allows you to really communicate with your audience and build personal relationships with them. The better you know your audience, the easier it is to provide them with what they need and thus the easier it is to sell to them exactly what they need. Social Media is changing the internet for the better, so why not be a part of the change?

A New Kind of Advertising

The internet has changed the way businesses advertise their product or service in some pretty big, incredible ways. One of the best changes that have come about with the introduction of internet advertising is the ability to be able to target your audience based on keywords that they were searching for specifically. Businesses can target their audience based on demographic, websites and locations they’ve visited recently, and more.

We can expect that as the internet continues to grow, the power of digital marketing will evolve into something more powerful and more effective than ever before. If your business isn’t taking advantage of all of the major opportunities that exist in the online digital marketing world, we highly recommend you do. After all, why wait to grow your business? Every day, millions of people are searching the internet, and it’s quite possible they’re looking for exactly what you offer. And that is why there is so much power in internet marketing. The opportunities are endless.