We love our smartphones, we think this is because the smarter the phone is, the smarter we are. Their prices do not even matter anymore; all we want is the style. However, this year we had three major smartphones releases, the iPhone XS Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the Huawei Mate 20 pro. Which of three would you choose?


We know that a good phone has to have a good camera, otherwise, why get the phone right? In this case, all the three have a main camera with 12MP. The videos quality is very good for all three of the phones as well. So far, so good. The selfie cameras, on the other hand, are different. The XS Max is 7MP, Note 9 is 8MP and the Mate 20 Pro is 24MP. That means if you love your selfies, you know which phone is your choice select.


For those who love to play mobile casino games on your smartphone then the display is what determines the phone that you are buying, read at best new zealand online casino sites. You need a phone with a big enough display to make sure that the gaming experience is the best. The Mate 20 Pro is 6.39 inches, while Note 9 is 6.4 inches and the XS Max is 6.5 inches. That would explain why it called the iPhone XS Max.


Okay so we might love our pictures, but the battery life is also another thing that we should consider. Generally, all the three phones last about 2 days without intensive use of the battery. Meaning that if you are looking for a phone with a steady battery life, any of the three can do the trick.


There is not much to say when it comes to the Operating System. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro runs on Android 9 or Pie. While the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is on Android 8.1 Oreo. The iPhone XS Max is iOS 12 and can be upgraded to iOS 12.1.


The XS Max has a RAM of 4 GB, while the Mate 20 Pro and Note 9 have 6GB. Internal memory, for the iPhone XS Max, is from 64GB to 512 GB. All these phones are compatible with casino games. According to www.bestunitedstatescasinos.com it is recommended that you get a phone that has high GB RAM. For the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, 6GB RAM has 128GB and 8GB RAM has 256 GB. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has 128GB for a 6GB RAM and an 8GB RAM for 512 GB.