If your office computers are slow, it means that the level of service you offer your customers is also slow. These days, people want things instantaneously. That means that they are not willing to wait around for your computer to do simple tasks. If you keep your clients waiting, they will find a fast business to help them along the way. You need to ensure that does not happen, but how? Well, here are some tricks that will help your office desktops to run faster than they are now.

Delete any unnecessary files

You might have a large backlog of files that you think you need, but are you sure? Yes, you need official documentation, contracts and tax information, but what about everything else? This trick will be laborious, but it will be worthwhile. When you  get a chance, spend a few hours going through old files on your desktop. Delete anything that you don’t use at the moment. First, consider whether you will ever need it. If the answer is no, you need to get rid of it. There will probably be loads of files that you are saving for no good reason.

Get a cloud hosting service

If you do need more space than you have right now, you could consider a cloud hosting service. Many people shy away from this system simply because they don’t know how it works. Well, it is simpler than you might imagine. Let’s say that a large company hosted your data online. Whenever you need to access your files, you just sign into your account and get going. All your documents are online, which means that you can access them no matter where you are. This service means that you can save loads of documents without it causing you any trouble.

Check for malware and viruses

Some malware can slow down your computer. If you have certain malware on your computer, it might be spying on your activity. To do so, it needs to slow things down so that it can keep a record of everything that you do. If your PC is quite new but has started to become slow, you need to figure out what the cause of that problem is. It could be that your computer has loads of malware on it, in which case you need to sort it out. You should have an expert look at your computer to see whether this issue is the cause. If you have a virus, they can remove it for you then and there. After that, you ought to get an antivirus system with a firewall so that you don’t have to deal with the problem again.

Ensure that your software is up to date

The last thing that I am going to mention is your software. If your computer keeps telling you to update it, you might get into the habit of ignoring that request. Most of the time, people press ‘remind me later’ because they don’t think that they have the time for the update. You need to make the time to update your computer, especially if it is integral to your work. Only then, can you be sure that you will always have the best tools for the job. If you let your software update itself when you get a notification, it could make a world of difference.

Slow computing will not cut it in the technological world, and so you need to change things for the better. Once you have made some essential changes to your devices, they should be super fast in the future. That means that you will never let your clients down again.


(Aaron Parecki)