Could you imagine your life without your smartphone? For most of us, forgetting our smartphone somewhere and going a full day without the convenience of checking our emails, messages, social media accounts, using payment portals along with our favourite apps and games sounds like medieval torture. Irrespective whether you’re a diehard Apple fan or prefer the fluid compatibility of the Android operating system, few can deny that smartphones have firmly cemented themselves as a vital and integral part of our daily lives.

The Mobile Landscape

The last decade, in particular, has seen the meteoric rise of the smartphone and associated industries such as mobile gaming and app development. The number of smartphone users is expected to continue to rise, reaching an estimated 6 billion users by 2020. The industry is by all accounts a dynamic and progressive one and the mobile landscape will continue to grow rapidly as new devices, apps, services and technologies enter the market.

The Rise of Mobile Gaming

As smartphones have become a mainstream consumer device with a growing market that has yet to reach its zenith, it makes sense that developers have flocked to create a staggering amount, and variety, of mobile games. More and more people prefer to access the internet on their smartphones, so it naturally makes sense for game developers, online sportsbooks and top online casino sites to take advantage of this by designing and developing dedicated mobile apps and mobile-friendly sites.

According to some industry reports, the global mobile gaming market was purported to be worth an estimated $35 billion in 2016, up from an estimated $30 billion in 2015. By some estimates, this number is likely to swell to $52.5 billion by 2019. No doubt the industry is a lucrative one, and mobile software companies and developers have as a result saturated the gaming sections of app stores. There are thousands upon thousands of mobile game titles to choose from and players are really spoilt for choice when it comes to the sheer amount and variety of mobile games available.

Standing Out From the Crowd

In a highly competitive and overcrowded space such as mobile gaming, most developers are experiencing the same dilemma- how can they stand out from the crowd by creating compelling games for audiences who want to play them? How, you ask? The most successful mobile game developers know that to really make a big impact on a market as competitive as this one, they have to:

  1. Make The Absolute Most Of Smartphone Capabilities

The rate of advancement of mobile technology and software development means that the playing field is always changing. A game developer who knows how to take advantage of the higher specifications of the newest devices is quick to separate themselves from the rest. Different factors come in to play with the release of devices which have sharper screen resolution enabling even better 3D graphics and faster processors that allow for more complex gameplay. All of these aspects add up to provide the player with an improved user experience.

  1. Precise Positioning For Target Audience

In a space as saturated as this one, more developers are opting to design and develop games that are explicitly positioned within a target audience. Some developers prefer to take the indie route and take full advantage of their acute knowledge and understanding of niche audiences and in this way, deliver a unique and high-quality gaming experience that’s highly targeted.

Mobile gaming is growing, and has grown, in so many ways, and as tech advances it looks set to continue to enjoy an upwards trajectory for a long time to come.