Nintendo is already a giant of the gaming world, and renowned for its innovative ways of constantly improving and evolving to bring new and fresh ideas to gamers all over the world.  It’s latest offering, the Switch Console is just another example of what makes Nintendo one of the leaders in the industry.

What is the Nintendo Switch?

Launched on 3rd March 2017, the Nintendo Switch is a combination of a handheld and console device.  It can be docked to allow players to stream games on their TVs, and when undocked, it becomes a handheld device so players can keep on playing wherever they go.

Nintendo is aiming for the Switch to be the only device required by gamers as it offers the flexibility of playing wherever and whenever you are, much like River Belle casino offers the option between online and mobile gaming too.  By creating the device to be portable as well as dock able, Nintendo has removed the issue of being locked into your location while you play.

The Nintendo Switch Described

In order to compare the Nintendo Switch to other gaming devices and consoles on the market, it’s important to first understand exactly how it works.

The main console of the device sports a 6.2-inch touchscreen with 1280 by 720-pixel display, more or less the same size as a decent sized phablet.  It’s controlled by 2 removable controllers that dock on either side of the screen.

Controllers can be split and used by 2 players for games that require multiplayer controls.  There is the option for the more traditional “pro-controller” but this is sold as an additional extra.

It has the potential for as many as 8 consoles to connect to the device wirelessly.

It has anything between 2.5 and 6 hours-worth of battery life during playing times.

It has an additional feature of a kickstand underneath the device which allows players to prop the Switch up on a tabletop, and play in tabletop mode, which further adds to the convenience of the device.

Gear That Comes With The Device

Understandably, because of the multiple modes in which the device can be used, it comes with a fair amount of additional equipment.As everything gaming related evolves, from console to mobile, so too do the components and gear associated. A breakdown of the various odds and ends that come with the Nintendo Switch are listed below:

  • The main body of the console with the touchscreen;
  • Two detachable controllers which clip into the sides of the main body;
  • A grip enabling players to combine the two controllers into a more standard gamepad;
  • Two straps enabling players to split the two controllers and make them individual devices;
  • A dock so that you can plug the device into your TV;
  • A USB power cable complete with non-removable power brick;
  • And lastly, and HDMI cable used to connect your device to your TV

Compared to other gaming devices on the market, that does sound like a lot of extra equipment, and one runs the risk of losing one or two components of the device over time. The convenience of being able to play wherever, whenever certainly makes up for any trouble one might have to keep all the various components of the device together.

As with any new concepts within an industry, the device has its minor issues, but it is the first of its kind on the market, and we can’t wait to see what Nintendo comes up with next!