The days of Windows PCs dominating the workplace are gone. Apple has stepped up its game and its capabilities for businesses provide many benefits over Windows. If you’re considering getting a new computer for your workplace, here are some of the top reasons you should choose a Mac.

1. Security

The costs and efforts of securing Windows PCs can take a toll on your business. Frequent antivirus updates and cleanups can be a drag. On the other hand, Macs are secure by design.

All macOS (computers) and iOS (mobile devices) are built on a stable UNIX foundation and feature file-level encryption keys. Regular software updates also ensure Apple products are consistently safeguarded from new security threats.

2. Backup and Recovery

Macs provide easy, efficient, and secure backup and recovery options for businesses, including:

  • Automated backups with Time Machine or iCloud
  • Quick recovery to reduce downtime
  • Install a fully usable backup on another Mac

By contrast, recovering a PC often takes a lot more time and effort.

3. Device Integration

Chances are, you and your employees already have some sort of Apple product, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or even a MacBook for personal use. With Macs at your workplace, you can benefit from continuity among all these devices.

For example, you could start a project at home on your iPad and easily finish it on your Mac at work. Syncing calendars, contacts, apps, and emails is a great way to stay organized and efficient. AirDrop also allows you to quickly share important documents between any Apple devices.

While you might not want to immediately trash any Windows PCs you currently have for your business, you should consider integrating some Apple devices into your workplace. If you’re wondering where the best place to buy a Mac for your business is, contact MelroseMAC, a proud Apple Premier Partner in Southern California.


The best route to buying a good value for money iPhone 6 and the benefits of moving up to one from an older iPhone such as a larger screen and all-new design. 

Enjoy affordable larger screen tech and a new look from Apple’s iPhone

The iPhone 6 was originally released in 2014 to take over from the 5S, and marked a departure in design for their hugely popular smartphone. A new case and larger screen options – up to 4.7 inches from the previous model’s 4 inch and the availability of a larger 5.0 screen with the 6 Plus version – meant the 6 was a genuinely all-new phone compared to some releases that offer no more than a mild revision.

Since then there have been two more generations of iPhone and there’s another release, the iPhone 8, due later in the year but the 6 still has a lot to offer for the savvy user who doesn’t mind not having the very latest iPhone in their pocket. Another great advantage of the iPhone 6 being a few phones old is the opportunity to pick one up for a decent price.

How much?

Presently, it’s possible to lay your hands on a refurbished iPhone 6 for prices starting at under £200 for a 16GB model. For this you’d get a phone with a warranty and a satisfaction guarantee fully checked over and including a new Apple lightning cable along with a SIM removal tool.

If you think you’d require more storage, then a 128GB version would come in at about £60 more. This is worth considering if you like to carry a large music collection with you; because of the larger screen, you may find yourself watching more video than usual if you’ve come from a smaller screened phone, so don’t skimp on storage.

You’ll be aware if you already use an iPhone that extra storage can’t be added in the form of memory cards, so make the right choice from the outset.

Where to buy?


As with the example above, the refurbished route offers a good combination of value for money and peace of mind. The phones have been fully checked and ‘memory wiped’ so they’re ready for a new user, and there’s usually a warranty and a money back guarantee so if you’re not totally happy with your phone it can be returned for a refund or replacement.

Also, the refurbishers above are established companies and experts in what they do, with a proven reputation; many have reviews on independent platforms such as Trustpilot so you can read their customers’ comments.

Other sources (including eBay)

You may well find when searching on a site like eBay that many smartphone refurbishment companies advertise there anyway, and while a private seller may have a phone for auction there’s the hassle of waiting to see if your maximum bid has been successful.

There might be the occasional ‘buy it now’ phone at an attractive price, but there’s no comeback with a private seller so long as they describe the phone accurately. In any event, you may find a ‘buy it now’ price not much less than that of a refurbisher who can offer added benefits such as warranties and satisfaction guarantees.

Buying privately

Along with eBay you’ll come across private sellers on sites such as Gumtree – and here you can do a local search of iPhones for sale.

You may find private sellers don’t offer much, if any, price advantages compared to buying from a refurbisher especially when you take into account the benefits and peace of mind a smartphone refurbishing specialist can offer.

iPhone 6 value

The iPhone 6 is a good value smartphone now; for possibly less than £200 a larger screen and the latest iPhone case design can be yours.


Who doesn’t love the convenience of playing their favourite casino game on a mobile device? It’s incredibly convenient, and offers an extraordinary amount of flexibility. After all, spinning a few reels on your phone sure makes standing in queue at the bank a great deal more tolerable. But casino games on mobile devices are a relatively new concept, only coming about in the last few years. This means that the industry is still developing, and that many innovations are still taking place.

Data Transfer Advancement

Just a few years ago a person would have thought the idea of engaging in multiplayer poker, on a phone, was impossible. Today, however, multiplayer mobile poker is commonplace, allowing even for real money to be won in the process. But how is such a thing even possible, taking into consideration that the players in the game can be located on all corners of the world?

Information sent and received by mobile devices is a marvel, using a network of towers and satellites. Setting up this network has taken years, and enormous amounts of money. But, the end result is finally here, and the amounts of data sent and received by mobile devices, and speed at which the data transfer is done, can all but be considered a miracle. A person can send an image to the United States, from Africa, and have it all but arrive instantaneously. This incredible advancement in technology has made multiplayer gaming on mobile devices possible.

Mobile Device Technology

Another area of technology that has advanced rapidly is the mobile devices themselves. The initial wave of mobile phones were clumsy, underpowered and extremely unrefined, allowing for only the most basic of tasks to be completed. Modern mobile devices, however, are very much small portable computers, with enormous resources and processing power. This increase in power has likewise increased the potential of what the device is capable of doing, allowing for ever more complicated games to be played.

As mobile device power increases over the years, so too will the fidelity of mobile casino games. One can only imagine what casino games will look like ten years from now. Jaws will inevitably hit floors at the spectacle.Currently, the best mobile casino Canada apps, and those available across the globe already offer an exceptional gaming experience, and this will only get better with time.

User Friendly Refinements

And it’s not just the visual appeal and complexity of games that are improving, but also the ease with which the games may be played. Streamlined controls and incredibly easy to understand visual displays are now common, but mobile games were not always this way. It has taken years of tweaks and adjustments to reach this level, and modern casino games could hardly be easier to understand and play.

The recent addition of touchscreens has taken this level of user friendly design to a whole new level, and virtually every modern casino game is optimised with a touchscreen in mind. It’s hard to believe that mobile casino games could get any more convenient or user friendly, but keep in mind that technology advancements like VR, soon to be adopted by the online casino industry, may take the experience to a whole new unforeseen level.


Consider this: how much information is there online, that could be useful to unscrupulous persons should they be able to get hold of it? When you begin to think about it, it is a worrying picture, as you probably have details of your bank accounts and other vital information out there. This is why you need to be vigilant when online. The main problem comes when you are working on a public Wi-Fi hotspot; these are great and allow you to access the internet in many public places, but they are not as safe as your secure home or work network, so be aware.

What do we mean by being vigilant? To begin with, we are willing to bet that you have anti-virus solutions on your laptop or home computer – as with that at work, which is equally vulnerable – but what about the other devices you use? For example, the most frequently used method of accessing the internet nowadays is by smartphone; you probably have one that is very capable indeed, but its it protected against viruses? You might not have thought of this, but it is every bit as vulnerable as your laptop! The same applies to your tablet, so you need to think about that, too.

Online Safety Tips

The first thing you need to do, therefore, is install an anti-virus app on your phone and tablet. If you have an Android device, we recommend you look at a GooglePlay antivirus app that we have found to be popular. It’s from leading name AVG, and it is very useful indeed. You will find it easy to download and install, and it offers many features that will help protect you when you access the internet on your smartphone or tablet.

There are many other things you can do to make sure you are safe when browsing online. For example, never use the same password for two accounts – and make sure your passwords are not easy to deduce, i.e. don’t use your birth date or other information that could be found on Facebook or other social media sites. Also, be very careful accessing sensitive information in public; it’s great to able to get on the internet in a café or the pub, but you never know who is watching, and those public networks are not as safe as you might believe.

Browse Carefully

You might also want to take care what you access in the company of others; close friends may be trusted, but those you don’t know so well may not. Never leave a phone unattended and open for use, and don’t give any details of your passwords to anyone. Being safe online is about being aware of what you are doing and what is going on around you, so check your surroundings before you get on.

For more information on free anti-virus apps, have a look the website, where you will find a wealth of interesting solutions with excellent features, all free to download and use.

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Esports, whether they are deemed true sports or not, have become one of the most popular pass times in the world. Esports fans consist of; the professional gamers who play competitively, the amateur gamers who play for fun, streamers, analysts, online audiences and live audiences. Esports have a place for everyone and anyone. Due to the fact that the majority of the most popular esports franchises are free to play and free to watch on streaming sites such as Twitch, it is not difficult to see why esports are competing with traditional sports in viewing figures and popularity.

Audiences are free to bet on the outcomes of live esports matches, like they would if they were watching a traditional sport such as football or tennis, esports are becoming more and more popular each passing day and with this popularity comes investment and with investment comes even more popularity.

Iain Fenton, writing for ‘Technolgiblog’ gives us a sneak peek into the world of esports and runs us through a top five list of the most popular esports.

Dota 2

Officially released in 2013 after two years of beta testing, DOta 2 is an online battle arena multiplayer game. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams that consist of five players. Each of the 10 players independently control a title character, each one, of more than a hundred characters, have their own unique skills and abilities to use in matches. A team wins by being the first to destroy their opponents ‘ancient’ a large structure located in the opposing teams base.

According to statistics website, Dota 2 was the third most watched game on Twitch – the primary medium for professional esports coverage – during March 2017. Some major gaming publications, including PC Gamer, have called Dota 2 one of the best computer games of all time. Since its release in 2013, Dota 2 has been the most played game on Steam with over 630,000 average players per hour in 2016, nearly double that of the game in second place.

Dota 2 tournaments and league events are also extremely poplar with audiences. The best Dota 2 players in the world are currently competing at the Kiev Major where there is a prize pool of $3 million – one of the biggest prize pools in esports history. The game has been known to become a “way of life” for many players – the addictiveness of the game has been likened to gambling and poker. Some universities have even held Dota 2 seminars teaching students the fundamentals and core skills to use in the game. 

League of Legends

The most popular and watched computer game of them all, there is no stopping League of Legends. Similar to Dota 2, League of Legends or LoL as it is affectionately known, is an online battle arena multiplayer game. LoL has the largest footprint of any game within streaming media communities. It is the most watched game on Twitch by quite a long way. In 2016, the company that developed Lol – Riot Games – suggested that there are over 100 million active players playing LoL each month.

League of Legends has one of the biggest competitive scenes in the world. LoL esports tournaments take place all over the world. Regional LoL tournaments exist in USA, China, South Korea and various other regions. These regional tournaments end at the annual World Championship. The 2016 LoL World Championship had a prize pool of over $6million and an audience viewership of 43 million unique viewers.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a multi-player first person shooter game. A different kind of game to LoL and Dota 2 completely, CS: GO pits two teams against each other and are tasked with eliminating one another whilst completing certain objectives. CS: GO is especially popular with female gamers – CS: GO hosts female only tournaments and there are many female esports athletes who play the game.

However, some female CS: GO athletes have complained about the female only events, one such person is ESports pro Julia ‘CSGO’ Strunkowski, she says: “The problem with female only events is that we are staying on the same level. Right now my me and my team are trying to become better as a team, to win events but we don’t really need much to win it. If we could play against males, we would need to do even more and harder work for it. I really hope that one day some girls fight hard enough and put more time into the game so that there will be a girl who competes with and against males.”

CS: GO is, however, currently the most popular esports franchise to watch in the UK and is regularly competing with LoL for the number one most watched esports franchise on Twitch. CS: GO won the esports game of the year award in 2015.


Although the FIFA football franchise has been around the gaming scene for decades, it is a relative new comer to the esports scene. For those of you who don’t know, FIFA 17 is a football game, it’s not complicated, it’s not particularly strategy based – it is just football. However, it’s popularity is growing.

Real football clubs across the world are beginning to see the value in esports. Major European football clubs such as PSG, Roma and Wolfsburg have begun signing professional esports FIFA athletes to represent the respective clubs at esports tournaments. These football clubs are recognizing the huge audiences that esports are attracting and the massive growth in the sector. Two of the biggest clubs in the world – Barcelona and Real Madrid are expected to announce an esports team in the near future. Television broadcasters have begun buying the rights to air esports FIFA tournaments on their channels. Fox Sports in the USA and BT Sports in Europe are the first TV channels to do this. The growth of FIFA as an esports is set to become massive, it is just up to the FIFA developers – EA – to provide a game capable of being balanced and competitive enough for professional gamers to compete in.


Hearthstone is a free-to-play turn based card game between two opponents. It is based on the lore of the existing Warcraft series (another extremely popular esport) where each player has a selected hero with a unique power and a constructed deck of 30 cards. The players must then use a variety of different tools and tactics in order to reduce their opponent’s health to zero.

The developers of Hearthstone, Blizzard Entertainment, have reported that there are more than 50 million Hearthstone players. Similar to other esports, the best of these players compete in tournaments for cash prizes which are streamed free of charge for any viewer with an internet connection to watch.


Could you imagine your life without your smartphone? For most of us, forgetting our smartphone somewhere and going a full day without the convenience of checking our emails, messages, social media accounts, using payment portals along with our favourite apps and games sounds like medieval torture. Irrespective whether you’re a diehard Apple fan or prefer the fluid compatibility of the Android operating system, few can deny that smartphones have firmly cemented themselves as a vital and integral part of our daily lives.

The Mobile Landscape

The last decade, in particular, has seen the meteoric rise of the smartphone and associated industries such as mobile gaming and app development. The number of smartphone users is expected to continue to rise, reaching an estimated 6 billion users by 2020. The industry is by all accounts a dynamic and progressive one and the mobile landscape will continue to grow rapidly as new devices, apps, services and technologies enter the market.

The Rise of Mobile Gaming

As smartphones have become a mainstream consumer device with a growing market that has yet to reach its zenith, it makes sense that developers have flocked to create a staggering amount, and variety, of mobile games. More and more people prefer to access the internet on their smartphones, so it naturally makes sense for game developers, online sportsbooks and top online casino sites to take advantage of this by designing and developing dedicated mobile apps and mobile-friendly sites.

According to some industry reports, the global mobile gaming market was purported to be worth an estimated $35 billion in 2016, up from an estimated $30 billion in 2015. By some estimates, this number is likely to swell to $52.5 billion by 2019. No doubt the industry is a lucrative one, and mobile software companies and developers have as a result saturated the gaming sections of app stores. There are thousands upon thousands of mobile game titles to choose from and players are really spoilt for choice when it comes to the sheer amount and variety of mobile games available.

Standing Out From the Crowd

In a highly competitive and overcrowded space such as mobile gaming, most developers are experiencing the same dilemma- how can they stand out from the crowd by creating compelling games for audiences who want to play them? How, you ask? The most successful mobile game developers know that to really make a big impact on a market as competitive as this one, they have to:

  1. Make The Absolute Most Of Smartphone Capabilities

The rate of advancement of mobile technology and software development means that the playing field is always changing. A game developer who knows how to take advantage of the higher specifications of the newest devices is quick to separate themselves from the rest. Different factors come in to play with the release of devices which have sharper screen resolution enabling even better 3D graphics and faster processors that allow for more complex gameplay. All of these aspects add up to provide the player with an improved user experience.

  1. Precise Positioning For Target Audience

In a space as saturated as this one, more developers are opting to design and develop games that are explicitly positioned within a target audience. Some developers prefer to take the indie route and take full advantage of their acute knowledge and understanding of niche audiences and in this way, deliver a unique and high-quality gaming experience that’s highly targeted.

Mobile gaming is growing, and has grown, in so many ways, and as tech advances it looks set to continue to enjoy an upwards trajectory for a long time to come.



When we talk about construction projects, we’re talking about jobs that are done on a large scale – and due to its scale, it lends itself to many opportunities for failure. Things go wrong quite quickly if one person or the other doesn’t focus correctly, makes the wrong choice, or ignores some of the important aspects.

It’s for these reasons that the whole project needs to be started in the right way – and that means you have to choose the right equipment for the right job. Ever wonder what your major deliberations should be? Here are your top considerations when selecting equipment and machinery for your construction project.

Some general guidelines

As said, each construction job is different, so there is no ideal formula to get the balance right. However, managers and foremen should seriously consider the following:

  • Best service at the lowest of cost – It’s a no-brainer; you want the lowest cost. However, you want the best service as well, so you’ll need to strike a good balance. Mind you: often the lowest cost alternative may end up costing you more in the long term due to inefficiency, multiple down-times, and expensive repairs when things go wrong.
  • Standard is good – if at all possible, choose standard equipment. It gives you many more options and flexibility.
  • Easy to repair – Choose a brand that is reputable and has high quality performance but that is common enough for there to be available spare parts and easy repair options – to minimise downtime and expensive repairs.
  • Able to handle the major issues – There are lot of things to do on a construction site; make sure your machinery can handle most of it.
  • Flexibility – The more different kinds of jobs the machine is useful for, the more it’s worth the expense.
  • Keep it small – Bigger is not always better. Keep it as small as possible.

The truth is that you will never have the perfect equipment for the job at hand – since each project is different and each project will have its own requirements, finding a piece of machinery that fits the requirements of that particular job is hard. You’ll have to make do with the best equipment for the job that’s available – and that’s one of the reasons why the construction industry is so challenging.

It’s an industry with a lot of variables, and there is no perfect formula for the whole. However, a lot of problems can be avoided simply by thinking things through and making the most logical decisions based on the requirements and the common sense pointers outlined above. For instance, you can choose to hire machinery (such as machinery and equipment from plant hire Preston experts like Ruttle) rather than buy it outright – this is a practical solution for many projects. In the end, it’s all about efficiency, after all.


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Collaboration with Earth Networks


If you’re in the business of public safety, weather events are something you keep a sharp eye on, not only to alert people to seek shelter but to make sure you’re ready to help those who get caught in the storm or its after-effects. Earth Networks can help you get out in front of potentially harmful storms with its real time weather tracker and lightning alert app.

Emergency Plans

It takes a lot of time, money, patience and input to create an emergency preparedness plan for your operations, whether you run a local school district, municipal government or state agency. You hold regular disaster drills offer public information campaigns to make sure everyone, from preschoolers to older adults and first-responders too, knows what to do in an emergency. The only thing you may not have prepared for is advanced weather alerts.

Weather Tracking

With Earth Networks’ real-time weather tracker, you don’t have to guess where a storm is moving, you can see it for yourself with real-time data and storm visualization. The web-based weather dashboard alerts you to storms and provides you collaborative monitoring abilities so your response team can make decisions quicker and take action sooner to mitigate risks.

The system is supported by a network of 12,000-plus, professional-grade weather stations around the world that provide weather updates every two seconds. It’s also customizable, with the ability to include and overlay your own points of interest and maps.

Mobile Weather Alerts

A mobile solution for weather monitoring is offered in Earth Networks’ lightning alert app, which delivers alerts and weather data to those in the field. Outdoor recreation areas especially have a need for this system and its advanced notifications of area lightning strikes so they can ensure guest safety before the storm hits.

Along with its benefits to public safety, Earth Networks offers an advance warning to businesses and other organizations sensitive to weather conditions such as utilities, education, airports and more. With a weather dashboard, you’ll know as soon as possible when to put your own emergency plans into action.



The mobile casino game revolution is truly underway, with more applications becoming available on an almost daily basis. The only real challenge can be deciding on which apps offer the best bang for your buck. Here is our list of the top 5 mobile casino apps to help you make a decision when wanting to play on the go.

  1. Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker first made its appearance as a Facebook game, and gained an enormous following. The mobile version, available for both iPhone and Android, has cross-platform play, meaning that you may go head to head with Facebook players direct from your mobile device. The result is an online multiplayer poker game that boasts a staggering 16 million daily players. As far as mobile-based casino applications go, Zynga Poker is certainly top of our list. The only real downside is that it is a 100% poker app, so you will have to look elsewhere if you prefer roulette, blackjack, or any other casino game.

  1. Royal Baccarat

The Royal Baccarat app, also for iPhone and Android, is another focused mobile casino game experience, offering only a single game. But, Royal Baccarat provides the best baccarat experience possible on a mobile device. It doesn’t have much in the way of flash and fancy graphics, like Zynga poker, but makes up for this by being incredibly clutter-free and easy to understand. A must for baccarat fanatics.

  1. Big Win Slots

If mobile pokies are your thing, look no further than the Big Win Slots app for iPhone and Android. This convenient, easy to navigate app has a selection of dozens of slots games, both 3 reel and 5 reel, which are updated on a monthly basis. There is such a variety of themes to choose from that even the most seasoned pokies players will find something that suits their preference. The focus is exclusively on mobile pokies games, however, so you’ll have to look to the Big Fish Casino app below for a wider variety of games.

  1. Big Fish Casino

The top 3 on this list may focus on offering the best possible experience of a single casino game, but Big Fish Casino is all about variety. This iPhone and Android app offers poker, blackjack, slots, craps, and roulette, as well as a number of slots games. Big Fish Casino also provides multiplayer poker options, and allows you to send a number of gifts and presents to online friends. An all round excellent mobile casino experience.

  1. GSN Casino

The GSN Casino app available for iPhone and Android also provides a wide variety of games, including bingo, poker, and blackjack. But the focus of the GSN casino app is firmly on mobile slots games that stand out from the crowd. Ever wanted a slot game version of Deal or no Deal? Well now you have it. How about a Wheel of Fortune slot game? Also available. As far as off the wall slot games go, the GSN Casino app has got you covered.

Make Your Choice

Each of these top 5 mobile casino apps has their speciality, and you can make your choice for your personal preferences. Zynga Poker is the best mobile poker experience, although poker games are also available at big Fish Casino and GSN Casino. You won’t find a better baccarat game than Royal Baccarat, but if it’s a focus on great variety of top slots games you’re looking for, Big Win Slots is the way to go. Make your choice and jump into the mobile online casino world.


Kik is a widely-used chat messenger worldwide. It has a very simple procedure to use it. To start using this application, you need to create a Kik app account. All the communication that happens on this app is done on the basis of username. Learning the procedure of account creation and signing would help you use this application in a hassle-free way.

Process of creation of new Kik Messenger Account

To use this application, you need to login. For this, you need to have your Kik account. This requires you to download, install and register on this application.

Download this application

To download Kik App, you need to select the type of device on which you want to download the app. There are different versions of this app for different types of devices.

Some of these app versions are for Android, iPhone and iPad, Mac, for BlackBerry and Window phone. You need to select the download option as per the OS of your device. Kik app is available for free download on Amazon App Store, Google Play Store, etc.

Sign up procedure

Once you have successfully downloaded the kik app, you need to perform the below mentioned steps:

  • Click on the recently downloaded Kik messenger app.
  • Click on the “sign in” option. Now click “Create new account” link. You will be asked to furnish few personal details such as your full name, birth date, preferred Kik username, email id, and a Kik password. Providing phone number to your account is optional.
  • Once you add all this information, you are now required to enter a correct CAPTCHA code.
  • Once the captcha code entered by you is verified, you can complete your account creation process by adding a profile photo. This completes your Signup process. You need to use these details to Login to your account.

Important things to note while doing the account creation

  • Specify the age

When you register for this app, you need to enter your birthdate. On the basis of your age, you will be granted permission to open an account. To use Kik app, one has to be atleast thirteen years of age.

  • Phone Numbers

People who designed this app understand and respect the privacy of others. Due to this reason, they have not mandated to provide phone number while creating a new account.

  • Kik Usernames

Username is very important when it comes to interacting with your friends. You need to be very careful once you enter the Kik username, as you cannot change it again. The username you provide has to be unique and preferably difficult to guess. This would help you to prevent communication from unwanted people.

  • Kik Password

Select a strong password so that it becomes hard for others to decipher. The length of the password should be at least eight characters. It should be a combination of both uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

Login to your Kik app account

Once you have provided all the details keeping in mind the above mentioned points, you are ready to start off with this chat app. On the home page of the kik app, you will find login button. Click on it and enter your username and password. This will open up your Kik app account. Now, you can easily chat with your friends using this intuitive and self-explanatory app.

This is especially useful for all those people, who are new to Kik messenger. Using this elaborate explanation of the login procedure, you are now ready to use your Kik app account without any hassle.