YouTube is where it’s at, in the modern era. Virtually everyone is familiar with YouTube these days, and if not getting most of their entertainment from YouTube, the vast majority of people are at least aware of what it is. And, as time goes on, traditional broadcast television is seeing less and less viewers, while YouTube is only rapidly increasing in popularity. It seems that the future is one dominated by a world of online viewing entertainment.

One question is, however, as to what YouTube will offer its viewers. Given that YouTube is mostly dominated by average people, at home, uploading videos, the content varies drastically. You-Tubers, as those who earn a living via making YouTube videos are known, need regular content to upload. But what can they keep offering viewers to keep them coming back?

One of the most popular styles of YouTube channel are known as “let’s plays.” This involves You-Tubers uploading videos of themselves playing popular video games. The content is very successful in general, but is this having a negative effect on the gaming industry? After all, if people are watching games get played, instead of buying and playing games, isn’t this set to kill the video game industry?

Let’s Plays – Video Game Gold

On the contrary, when a popular You-Tuber play a video game online, this provides incredible publicity for a game, and in fact can have an overwhelmingly positive impact on the sales of that game. Some video games can attribute their success almost entirely to being frequently played online, and many even argue that You-Tubers have granted the video game industry more success than it has ever seen before.

The now infamous game Amnesia is where Let’s Plays really took off. Currently seen as a smash hit, the relatively low budget horror game was set to be no more than a small passing PC game. But, upon being played online by dozens of You-Tubers, including the biggest You-Tuber in the world, Pew Die Pie, it was a match made in heaven. Pew Die Pie’s videos of the game granted him enormous online fame, and likewise helped the game sell well beyond what could have been expected otherwise.

Partnership Deals

Currently, any game that hopes to see major success all but relies on being played by You-Tubers, that is unless it is already as popular as the online blackjack Canada has on offer. The more the game is played online, the more it sees far reaching publicity, and the more it will inevitably sell. There is the risk that a game can lose its impact upon being viewed, and not personally played, but this is a small price to pay for what will be guaranteed sales.

The fact is that presently most major video game publishers will pay You-Tubers to play their game online. The publicity is far better than traditional adverts and promotional videos, by an overwhelmingly vast margin. One can all but say that You-Tubers are the key to success for modern games, and that may well be the same the other way around. Which is to say, You-Tubers also rely on having good games to play, which draw in viewers.

In this day and age, You-Tube and video games are a symbiotic relationship.


These are electronic modes of communication and these have managed to improve the communication efficiency in the current times that we are living. Cell phones have rapidly evolved from big heavy phones to slim light cell phones. Technology has played an important role in the cell phone revolution. Nowadays cell phones being manufactured contain anything you want even helping you with life ideas a good example is the Siri application in iPhones.

The top manufacturers of cell phones are Apple, Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft. These companies have helped improve the world’s communication. Cell phones help you to talk to people who may not be in your reach physically. These devices connect to wireless networks and link with that person.

Communication on the latest mobile devices goes beyond texts, voice calls and even video calls. Cell phones are the most used devices to access the social media or playing online casino games. Check over here, they are also being used as cameras because all modern cell phones have a camera to immortalise the owner’s moments.

Cell phones are being used to keep sensitive documents as they can be securely locked. Also, students can use these phones to study and store their school material like notes. Due to the frequent release of cell phones, they are becoming a form of technological fashion, as everyone will be working on getting the latest phone all the time.

However, cell phones perish easily when they are dropped and thus are proving to be expensive to low income earning citizens. Majority of the cell phones nowadays are mini computers as they have all the functions of a computer but the only difference is that it is very small. One cool function is real money gambling.

Cell phones have become a basic commodity as linking with people has become essential. Phones have managed to remove the distance barrier between people. They make someone who is a million miles away feel like he or she is right by your side


There are a wide range of inventions which are set to change the world we live in.  These inventions are going to make life easier, safer and more cost efficient in the long run and save the earth’s resources. Tech trends are big news, and these are just some of the ones to watch:

The Breakfast Station

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet people are so busy that breakfast is often skipped.  With the Elite Cuisine 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Station a nutritious breakfast can be made in a few minutes.  The Breakfast Station will brew coffee and make toast and eggs and at the same time it will save space on countertops as well as energy.  It features a toaster oven and a 15 minute timer with an indicator light.  It can brew up to four cups of coffee and has a swing out filter.  The Breakfast Station also has a frying griddle which makes frying eggs and other breakfast foods quick and easy.  It is compact and easy to clean and a must for any busy family always on the go, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a quick game of credit card slots while having a quick bite to eat in the morning.

3D Printing

3D Printing is mainly used for small items and in time to come people will be able to print whatever they need without having to go to the shops to buy it.  This would include keys, toys and even small furniture items.  Printing these items is easy and all that is needed is to download the pattern and print or scan the image into the system.  This type of printing is relatively new, but could be one of the most important and useful inventions of all time.

Mobile Dialysis Machine

Dean Kamen decided to look into dialysis patients and see how he could make their lives easier.  In 1993 he created a dialysis machine, HomeChoice, which is a dialysis machine the size of a VCR and patients can use it at home.  The machine is monitored using software especially created for it and a data card.  Because the machine is so portable it allows dialysis patients ease of movement.  There is a huge market for it and according to a study there are more than 2 million people needing this life saving procedure.  This invention could enhance the lives of dialysis patients.

The Hyperloop

Elon Musk, who is the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has been looking into the development of a transportation system which will enable vehicles, which look similar to trains, to travel through tubes with little friction and with a speed of over 600 mph, travelling from LA to San Francisco will take only 35 minutes.  This new invention is known as the Hyperloop and the preliminary design has been released and will cost in the region of $6 billion.  Although the Hyperloop has been receiving some negative comments it will definitely make travel much easier.

The Reusable Space Shuttle

The thought of a reusable space shuttle was unheard of, but Elon Musk and his SpaceX Company have already tested such a rocket known as Falcon 9.  The system is 100 feet tall and has metal legs which allow the rocket to take off and land vertically.  This new design would decrease the cost of space travel considerably because the booster rockets would return back to the launch pad and not back to NASA or having other agencies having to retrieve them from the ocean.

Inventions such as these are making lives easier to live as well as trying to save time and money.  Saving the earth’s limited resources are an important aspect of these inventions and as technology develops more and more new inventions will be developed.


It’s a whopper, a Big Mac and a draught of thirsty delight as you stick your finger in the pie and stare at the marvels technology blesses our world with. We move forward each and every day, consuming the world around us, taking it in and eating up the virtual realm.

Not only is it scary, it’s become a standard we’re all too accustomed too. From static URL machines to the much anticipated smartphone. Our world has changed and it keeps changing every day.

No longer do we live in an age, where the possibility is being invented, we live in an age where the probable outweighs the possible outcomes, leading us to the pinnacle of our revolution. It’s change, it’s wicked and it has arrived, this new age is called the age of inspiration.

Forget about the age of information, even though tech has changed our lives in ways unimaginable, the reality is we are living in an era that is bound to change. We invent and create every day; that is precisely why tech walks along with us on our path to creative expression.

Technology As An Influencer

Technology influences our daily lives, we incorporate tech into our lives to complete tasks and make daily operations easier. It’s a modern science and art all at the same time; the truly fascinating bit is how we use the science of tech to survive in the new world we have created for ourselves.

Shining brightly and lit like never before; we have surprising tech that keeps rolling with the times to make our day even brighter. It’s a new age and with a new age comes new inspiration.

Technology doesn’t just help us enjoy visa Roulette and a wealth of other entertainment, it has assimilated itself into our culture, to blend a completely new environmental space where we engage and interact in new found ways that influences our daily tasks.

The Daily Grind

Every day has its fair amount of obstacles. We need to communicate, engage and interact with the world around us. That is precisely where technology has bridged the gap.

Our new age smart devices are constantly online, which means we are intrinsically linked to the world around us because we are always online.

It’s push and pull, give and take. The world demands our attention and we comply with the tech that rests comfortably in the palm of our hands.

We use our smart devices daily for a brighter outlook on the day, and there really is no slowing down. The world is evolving each day and it’s with the help of tech that the world will continue to evolve.

Human Development With Tech 

No matter how you slice it; Technology is a tool. Just like in prehistoric times; the arrow was used in a bow to pierce into an animal and then the animal would be consumed. Today we live in a different world, a world where technology has become our arrow.

Communicating and engaging we plod along; today’s tech has given us the tools to stay connected and online 24/7. It’s in the palm of our hands or perfectly positioned on our desktops, technology is all around us and we interact with machines regularly to comply with a world standard that we as humans have set.

Our Complacency With Technology 

As we adapt and move through our world with technology by our side; we become more and more complacent to the way the Mechanical has repacked traditional labour.

Skills we once owned and used have now been long forgotten as we have replaced traditional functionality with sustainable technology that completes those tasks for us.

It’s not long to go and we may very well be looking at a new age where technology replaces our very place in planet earth.


As you may or may not already know, the eSports industry has been rapidly growing the past couple of years. Compared to traditional sports it’s still a very small industry, but with younger generations growing up watching competitive video game matches on twitch, many believe that eSports is a future giant in sports. Some even consider it to have the potential to one day outgrow traditional sports in popularity and viewership.

While eSports overall is showing a promising growth, games developed on mobile platforms may very well be what will boost the industry tremendously. Fifteen years ago we were all limited to play video games on PCs and consoles, but these days more or less anyone has the option to play games on their mobile devices. Games that nowadays are being developed with about as advanced mechanics as games on other platforms.

A lot of people being born today and the past couple of years are raised with an iPad or smartphone that allows them to play video games anytime, anywhere. This huge market that is being created due to this fact is why a lot of game developers are focusing on mobile platforms and there’s talk about mobile eSports all over the internet.

The eSports centered website eBetFinder is one of many that are regularly touching the subject.Although mainly focused on the options of betting on video games, they write about happenings in the industry and predict the future of it based on this.They have several times mentioned a strong belief for mobile eSports, whereas they in an article have had the following to say:

“According to super data research, the value of the global eSports industry had increased by 19% in 2016 compared to 2015. As this is growing, as well as mobile devices getting more and more advanced, we certainly believe that the mobile eSports scene will grow immensely the coming years. Not only this, but according to the market research company NPD group, mobile device games are being played more than games on any other devices between ages 2-17. This is indicating how promising the future is for mobile eSport games; there’s a generation growing up playing games on touch screens. KristianSegerstale, who is the COO of the company behind Vainglory, have said that he believes that within a decade a mobile device game will have one of, if not the highest amount of players.”

They also mentioned that a huge game developer like Blizzard would probably soon cease the opportunity that mobile eSports is presenting. What’s interesting is that this article about the future of mobile eSports was published about 7 months ago and today we’re indeed finding a mobile device game that is having the highest amount of players. Although not Blizzard, it is indeed created by a huge game developer. We’re talking about the game King of Glory, which the company Tencent has created. A company that owns Riot Games who have previously released the popular eSport game League of Legends, once a game crowned to be the most played ever.

While League of Legends is having about 100 million unique players a month, Tencent has mentioned that King of Glory is having about 50 million unique players a day. Now what’s really interesting is that this game is mainly being played in China and has yet to make it big in Europe and the rest of the world. The game is more or less a mobile version of the successful League of Legends, which truly shows how big the interest and potential is in mobile eSports.



There is an ongoing debate between gamers as to which platform is the best one for gaming, PC or Console?  Each platform has advantages and disadvantages and gamers will more than likely have their favourite option and stick to it.

To begin with it is important to make a distinction between how each platform is used.  PC games are played using a personal computer and console games are developed to be played on a console and are generally intense games.  The most popular consoles today are the Xbox from Microsoft, the PlayStation for Sony, the Gamecube and Wii from Nintendo.

Cost and Upgrades

When looking at differences in the cost of these, PC’s are often much more expensive than consoles and the games for PC’s are generally more expensive than console games.

Accessories for a PC often use a standard connection which means that PC users do not have to buy a new mouse, keyboard or headset for example. PC gamers have the option of customising their PC and then upgrading certain parts as technology advances, and for many, this is a major perk. For PC gamers upgrading is an easy process although it may be expensive and for gamers working within a tight budget they may only have to upgrade their GPU or RAM every 3 or 4 years.

The outlay may be more than a console to begin with, but in the long run it is cheaper to upgrade a PC than to buy a new console when the latest one is released.  With consoles, upgrading is not really an option and only certain areas of a console can be customised. Gamers will not be able to open up their console and replace the GPU for example when new technology comes out.


Games play an important, if not the most important factor when deciding on a platform and although there may not be as many options for either PC or console as there would be when playing the mobile slots Canada has to offer, there certainly is variety for both.  Developers have created many games for Xbox or PlayStation and a gamer that has an Xbox One may not be able to play these games.  For PC gamers they get the option to choose many of these games as they are compatible with a PC.  Good news for PC gamers is that Sony offers PlayStation Now which is a streaming service offered on a subscription basis for PC gamers.  Not to be outdone Xbox offers the Xbox Play Anywhere service.

Initial Setup

There is often quite a lot to setup with PC gaming, which can often be fun for those interested in the technology but if a gamer does not really know all the ins and outs it may become frustrating. Setting up a console is usually very easy and a gamer can get going in no time. Some PC’s will not support multiplayer games, while console gaming is great for this and many gamers can play together in one room.

Speed is important when gaming and for beginners using a mouse and keyboard offers more control than a joystick.  The keyboard and joystick are more accurate.  On the other hand it is better to play certain games on an Xbox One controller or the PS DualShock 4 using the wired or Bluetooth option.  Many of the more popular games can also be played on a PC using a controller.

Both platforms have their pros and cons and knowing which platform to choose will also depend on the type of gaming, casual or hard-core gaming.



Nintendo is already a giant of the gaming world, and renowned for its innovative ways of constantly improving and evolving to bring new and fresh ideas to gamers all over the world.  It’s latest offering, the Switch Console is just another example of what makes Nintendo one of the leaders in the industry.

What is the Nintendo Switch?

Launched on 3rd March 2017, the Nintendo Switch is a combination of a handheld and console device.  It can be docked to allow players to stream games on their TVs, and when undocked, it becomes a handheld device so players can keep on playing wherever they go.

Nintendo is aiming for the Switch to be the only device required by gamers as it offers the flexibility of playing wherever and whenever you are, much like River Belle casino offers the option between online and mobile gaming too.  By creating the device to be portable as well as dock able, Nintendo has removed the issue of being locked into your location while you play.

The Nintendo Switch Described

In order to compare the Nintendo Switch to other gaming devices and consoles on the market, it’s important to first understand exactly how it works.

The main console of the device sports a 6.2-inch touchscreen with 1280 by 720-pixel display, more or less the same size as a decent sized phablet.  It’s controlled by 2 removable controllers that dock on either side of the screen.

Controllers can be split and used by 2 players for games that require multiplayer controls.  There is the option for the more traditional “pro-controller” but this is sold as an additional extra.

It has the potential for as many as 8 consoles to connect to the device wirelessly.

It has anything between 2.5 and 6 hours-worth of battery life during playing times.

It has an additional feature of a kickstand underneath the device which allows players to prop the Switch up on a tabletop, and play in tabletop mode, which further adds to the convenience of the device.

Gear That Comes With The Device

Understandably, because of the multiple modes in which the device can be used, it comes with a fair amount of additional equipment.As everything gaming related evolves, from console to mobile, so too do the components and gear associated. A breakdown of the various odds and ends that come with the Nintendo Switch are listed below:

  • The main body of the console with the touchscreen;
  • Two detachable controllers which clip into the sides of the main body;
  • A grip enabling players to combine the two controllers into a more standard gamepad;
  • Two straps enabling players to split the two controllers and make them individual devices;
  • A dock so that you can plug the device into your TV;
  • A USB power cable complete with non-removable power brick;
  • And lastly, and HDMI cable used to connect your device to your TV

Compared to other gaming devices on the market, that does sound like a lot of extra equipment, and one runs the risk of losing one or two components of the device over time. The convenience of being able to play wherever, whenever certainly makes up for any trouble one might have to keep all the various components of the device together.

As with any new concepts within an industry, the device has its minor issues, but it is the first of its kind on the market, and we can’t wait to see what Nintendo comes up with next!



The upcoming iPhone 8 release is set to change three things forever, and this article outlines what these are:

  1. Smartphone Screens Will Never be the Same

Most people still haven’t ever seen a bezel-free screen in person, and their first encounter with one will be the iPhone 8. The newest smartphone from Apple will also be the biggest reconfiguration of the screen since its inception ten years ago, and will give those who enjoy the online gambling Canada has to offer even more excited, as they can play on the big screen!.

The mechanical home button was removed last year in favour of a haptic feedback fixed pad, and the entire thing is being ditched this year. The now iconic iPhone outline, featuring two oversized bars of bezel at the top and bottom ends, along with a round home button, is out the window, all of which is going to make for a huge change, and something we won’t’ ever go back to.

  1. Higher Prices for the Latest Smartphones

It is the same story as that with displays: the expensive new iPhone 8 will not be an isolated exception, but more the rule as time goes on in terms of what the mobile industry is offering consumers and what consumers are willing to pay. Just as with all smart appliances and devices, there are pros and cons to owning them, and the price point can be a sticky factor.

Most rumours have the flagship iPhone 8 priced at roughly US$1 000, with it probably starting just below that number and then topping out just above, subject to specs. This is the biggest push upward that Apple has made in terms of the price for its top model smartphone, and already indications are that demand will outstrip supply. The broader market trend is that mobile devices are going to start getting more expensive as of the end of 2017.

  1. Augmented Reality Options Will Be More Accessible

As far as bezel-free screens and more expensive smartphone trends are concerned, a case could be made that these two trends would’ve turned up with or without Apple participating. In both cases, broader economic and technological developments are forcing the market to head in a certain direction, and the involvement of Apple is an accelerator rather than a cause of these. If you are looking for a change that Apple is driving from the ground up, however, augmented reality is the answer.

The ARKit toolset for the creation of AR experience that Apple unveiled as part of its innovative iOS 11 is an enormous upgrade –bigger, in fact, than anything that has ever come before. This iOS will be preloaded on the iPhone 8, and will also be distributed to the majority of models already in use, creating an immediate user-base hundreds of millions strong. The core advantage to this iOS is that it does not need any kind of special hardware, like Google’s Tango system, for example. The ARKit apps work with your regular iPhone or iPad camera –augmented reality done in the least obtrusive manner possible. The success of this aspect of new tech is almost guaranteed as well, especially in terms of how well it will work with the new bezel-free screen and takes into account how success previous releases have been.


The question this article discusses is whether or not HP is the new king of turnaround, and a better potential investment than Apple.

The Fortunes of Companies Tends to Wax and Wane

Sometimes companies are doing well, and other times not so much –take for example brands like Atari or IBM. IBM was the leader in terms of technology during the 1980s, but when the 1990s came around, it started flailing. It turned around in that it managed to make a return from a negative brand equity, in which people are willing to part with more money for something that doesn’t have a brand attached to it, instead of choosing something that has a negative brand.

By the end of the 1990s, Apple was in similar shape to IBM was at the start, but Steve Jobs made his return, and the company subsequently pulled off one of the strongest turnarounds in the history of technology.

HP may well top Apple, however, because, as badly as Apple was doing in the 1990s, no one actually set it up to fail like HP got set up. HP is where it is now because it was hindered by its own chairwoman!

HP versus Apple Turnarounds

What makes the HP turnaround as fascinating as it is, especially when compared to the earlier efforts of IBM and Apple, is that the company had the deck stacked against its success. When it got spun out as a distinct company from HPE, it managed to get everything that Meg Whitman, the HPE chairwoman at the time, did not want. She had rendered the firm that she was in charge of to have every advantage, and detract hugely from the potential for success for HP.

As a new company, HP started out with most of the old, combined company’s debt along with two businesses that were not only in decline, but viewed as unrecoverable. There seemed to be very little chance of any kind of success.

Dion Weisler, the new CEO, was in a similar position to that of a top naval officer being told that the good news is that you’re captain, the bad news is that it’s the Titanic that you’re going to be captaining. But what happened when Weisler took over was a simple miracle, and he effectively ensured that HP took over the crown from Apple in terms of being the king of turnaround!

HP is Topping Apple’s Growth

The latest financial report from Apple showcases its top line growth at 6%, which is definitely better than it was last quarter. The fact that so many users love the iPhone and playing at optimized Canadian mobile casinos, and use their iOS powered smartphones and tablets for just about everything makes them all the more popular. However, the brands growth still growth pales when compared to HP’s top line growth: 10%. This was achieved by only PC and printer supplies, too.

There is no HP smartphone, and I think it is becoming obvious that the smartphone was the top product of the last ten years, at least in terms of growth. Not having one is analogous to having a family sedan beat a supercar in a race –except that, in the case of HP, this actually happened!



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