The digital world has brought us many benefits, not least the ability to access a wealth of information, goods and services at the touch of a button. Shopping online is now almost as popular as on the high street, and when it comes to businesses, there is no possibility of operating without a seamless computer system in place. The fact we spend so much time online, both in a professional capacity and for leisure, also brings with it a number of potential pitfalls, the most prominent of which are online security and the possibility of identity theft.

The latter is a major problem for people who bank online – as well as businesses that store potentially sensitive information online – and the popularity of using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is rising as a result. What is a VPS? Put simply, all computer transactions that you make involving sending or receiving information will pass through one or more servers at some point. These are the central processing devices that act like a telephone exchange, directing traffic to where it needs to go. A VPS is another version of this, with certain benefits.

Why Use a VPS?

The difference between a VPS and your regular server is that the former offers you the chance to use a server in many different locations across the world. Why would you want to do this? There are several reasons: first, it means that you can hide your identity from potential thieves; second, you can choose a location that means nobody knows who you actually are from your IP address; and also, you can overcome geographical restrictions that may be placed on accessing content in certain places.

A typical service is which offers you the use of several different servers across the world. In some countries, you may find that you are blocked from accessing certain content, but if you use the VPS service we mentioned, you can effectively fool the computer into thinking you are in the UK, or the USA, or perhaps France of Germany, thus bypassing any geo-restrictions that may have been put in place in the country you are actually in.

Reliable and Fast

VPS Server promises continuous up-time, fast access and easy to use VPS solutions that are suitable for both business and personal use, and they have a reputation for excellent service at all times. The system is not expensive and may be the answer to your worries. If you travel across the world regularly, in particular to countries where you may find firewalls in place, you can access content as if you were back home, seamlessly and easily, and keep your identity and location protected.

Once you set it up, you get complete control via a fully functioning and comprehensive control panel, plus access to a whole host of features that will enable you to use this cloud-based server system to the full. If this sounds like it could benefit you, check out right now, and you may be surprised at how it makes your life much easier.

I just started bootstrapping my own SEO agency here in Birmingham, Alabama last year. If you’ve ever done the same, you probably know just how hard it is to get clients early on. You don’t have case studies and testimonials to prove your ability, so you end up working hard just to close a few deals. That had me out networking a lot. Conversations turned to SEO, and before long I was hit with a million bad ideas and misconceptions by prospective clients. That’s what this post is all about. These are just a few of the SEO myths that are still floating around in 2017.

SEO Myth #1 – Getting tons of backlinks instantly is a good idea

We all know backlinks help raise our authority in the SERP. But as SEO’s, we also know spammy backlinks are a no-no. I picked up a local client who bought into some sort of linking scheme several years ago with other sites from his industry. He has a page on his site with about 100 links to other sites around the country in his industry and they all link to him. None of these links are setup with appropriate anchor text. In fact, there’s no content on these pages except for links! It’s pretty obvious when you have a page with 100 follow links and no content. What’s worse, many of his peers from around the country have bought into bad SEO practices, and their toxic scores are marginal at best. We’re having to clean up his link profile and build quality links over time. Then there’s the prospects that I’ve ran into who still think it’s okay to go on Fiverr and buy 100,000 links at a time. Yes, there are people out there who still think that’s okay to do in 2017.

SEO Myth #2 – Clicking on my own site a lot helps SEO

I know this one is slightly humorous to anyone with even a basic background in SEO. But there are people who don’t know SEO at all out there, and they have some wild misconceptions about Google ranking. I’m in a BNI group here in town, and I did my featured presentation a few weeks back. At the end of my speech, I asked if anyone had questions. One of the hands that went up asked me, “is it good to click on my site a bunch”? Apparently, he was clicking on the link from google, hitting back, and clicking again when he was bored at the office. He thought he was helping his SEO! I had to explain bounce rates to the group, and I think he was a little upset (but appreciative) to learn that his efforts were slightly harmful.

SEO Myth #3 – Hidden Text

I have a client that works in a highly regulated industry. As such, he is constantly worried about the content we put out on his site. It’s understandable, but this concern led him to consider some really bad SEO ideas. When we first met to discuss strategy, he suggested we copy and paste keywords over and over and hide them as white text against the white background of his homepage. No, he was not joking, and yes, this conversation took place in 2016! It just goes to show you that we have a lot of work to do in the realm of client education. A friend had suggested this to him just a few months ago. Someone who supposedly knew a thing or two about SEO…

SEO Myth #4 – Keyword Stuffing

Sure, this category sort of goes along with hidden text. But I ran into a different prospect that thought this was still a good idea in 2017. This time, we were discussing price and it became apparent very quick that we were not a great fit based on both price and expectations. This client wanted instant results (from keyword stuffing) and he only had a few hundred dollars to spend on marketing for the whole year. That whole experience was me learning my lesson on client screening! I tried my best to explain the penalty risks and bad ethics associated with adding “plumber Birmingham” to the footer 1,000 times, but I think it might have been a desperation thing more than anything. When business is down, people seems to be willing to try anything to turn it around. But keyword stuffing isn’t the right way to get instant business, and I recommended Pay Per Click through a cheaper for him provider instead.

SEO Myth #5 – Spun, duplicate and Low-Quality Content

Business owners are busy people! They don’t want to sit down and cram out 2,000 words for a blog post each week. It’s understandable, but those same clients are usually the ones unwilling to add content writing to an SEO package. So, what can you do? The fact is, there’s no easy way around writing quality content for on-page SEO. Clients try to suggest duplicating pages or getting cheap content just to rank a page, but that’s completely counterproductive. Even if Google doesn’t throw you a penalty, do you really want visitors seeing poor sentence structure and misspelled words on your website? Spun content is just too risky and poor-quality content makes your business look bad. There might be a place somewhere in your tiered link-building strategy for content written by someone with English as a 2nd language, but keep it off your main site! Focus on content that speaks directly to your target audience. Your SEO specialist can rank your site and still not get you any conversions if your content makes you look bad to site visitors.

Those are my horror stories from the trenches while I was trying to get off the ground last year. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of at least five other misconceptions that people still hold onto when it comes to SEO. I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


Author Bio:

Blake Akers is an entrepreneur and founder of Webology SEO, a Birmingham, AL digital marketing consultancy. Blake’s background is in IT with most of his early career spent in the U.S. Air Force. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


While most business owners choose to make as much money as possible from their products or services, some opt for a different route by listing themselves as a non-profit organization (NPO). While this means that you can’t rake in money and keep it as a profit, it does come with some upsides. As such, if you’re thinking of a starting an NPO for any reason, here are a few of the tax benefits non-profits provide:

Tax Exemption

First and foremost, since your business is not reporting any profits, you don’t have to pay any corporate or income tax. This is a direct result of getting a “non-profit” status, which is otherwise known as 501(c)3 in the tax code.

Grant Possibilities

Since your business is not technically making any money, with all of your profits going towards other purposes (such as charity), you are eligible for some grants that are offered by the government. Grants assist non-profits in a variety of projects and missions.

Separation of Entities

As far as paperwork and legal standing go, an NPO is treated much in the same way as a corporation. While filing for a business license as a non-profit, the company’s assets and taxes are separate from your own, so you don’t have to worry about the two becoming entangled in the future.

Limited Liability

If something does happen to your business, there is not a whole lot that creditors or lenders can do as far as coming after assets. Also, since you are separate from the company itself, you don’t have to worry about your own taxes or money being seized on behalf of your NPO. Overall, it helps ensure that you and your business stay separate.

If you’re interested in starting a non-profit, then you will have to fill out a lot of paperwork, including an EIN form and a tax exempt form. The process is a little complicated, but the benefits can make it all worthwhile.

It’s often hard to distinguish between real life technology and devices you hear about in science fiction novels. Most of you probably use your computer to play solitaire and watch funny videos on the internet. This incredible technology has enveloped our society and even the most basic cell phone has more capabilities than a computer had 20 years ago.


To understand what circuit boards are made of, you must know how they are constructed and why each component is necessary to ensure a seamless product. The assembly process can be quickly done by heavy machinery, but dedicated computer enthusiasts still prefer to assemble their circuit boards by hand to accommodate unique modifications.


The construction of circuit boards is completed in a seven-step process consisting of creating a base circuit board, solder pasting as a primer, installation of surface mounted components, reflow bonds the paste, inspection of the circuit board, component insertion, and one last functionality test. If you have any questions during this process, visit this link for more information.


Printed Circuit Board Base

The distinct green surface of a circuit board has four layers: a substrate, copper, soldermask, and silkscreen. The substrate is a sturdy material that will ensure the component doesn’t bend under pressure. The copper works as a conductor to transmit electrical currents at a rapid pace. The soldermask is an insulator that protects against malfunctions that accidentally solder the wrong area. The silkscreen is placed over the entire unit and has letters and numbers to make the board easier to work on.


Solder Pasting

This is a quick step where you will place a thin stencil over the board and apply solder paste to the exposed sections. Solder paste will facilitate the proper bonding of the solder to the surface of the board.

Mounted Components

At this stage, the board is moved along the assembly line by a large vacuum arm. A machine will then insert all the surface mounted components that will perform most of the functions of the circuit board.


During the reflow stage, the board is placed into an oven that is heated to 250 degrees. This intense heat melts the solder in the paste and will ensure a strong bond between the surface mounted components and the base.


After the reflow process, the board is manually inspected as well as inspected by an Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI). The AOI has several cameras that closely inspect the quality of the solder and ensure all components are correctly assembled.


Component Insertion

Many circuit boards have components that need to be inserted in the board as opposed to mounted on the surface. These boards will have holes drilled during the first stage of assembly where the component will be inserted.  After the component is inserted it will undergo a process called wave soldering, where solder paste is applied to the entire bottom side of the board will undergo a second reflow process.


Functionality Test

The last stage is a basic functionality test to ensure your circuit board is ready for your computer.


Augmented Reality, or AR, is a technology that enriches the real world with digitally-based info and media, like 3D models or videos, which are overlaid in real-time onto the camera of your tablet, smartphone, connected glasses, or PC.

AR renders the environment which you are actually in, into a digital interface, and can be viewed through a variety of modes. There are 3 main groups of AR tools:

  1. AR 3D Viewers

This group includes Augment, which allows its users to overlay life-sized 3D models onto their surroundings, with or without using trackers. Trackers are basic images that are able to have 3D models attached in AR.

  1. AR Browsers

These are able to enrich your camera’s display with contextual info. For example, you could point your mobile device at a building, and its history or estimated value would be displayed.

  1. AR Gaming

When experienced through gaming, AR is able to create immersive entertainment experiences that are able to make use of your actual surrounds. For example, a shooting game could take place where you battle zombies infiltrating your house! The biggest AR game of the moment is, of course, Pokémon Go, which has turned the entire world into a hunting ground for these made-up creatures.

People who enjoy games like online slots are particularly excited about the development of AR technology, since it would allow for a totally unimaginable level of game immersion from wherever the players may find themselves.

How AR Gaming Began

Although AR has been brewing for many years conceptually, Professor Thomas Caudell is the man to thank for coining the term in 1990. He was referring to a digital display head-mount that guided his workers through the process of assembling the wiring of aircrafts.

By the time of the millennium, the first steps towards AR were developing, with ARQuake being the first real example of AR in the gaming industry. An augmented reality version of the popular Quake game, developed by id Software, proved incredibly popular with players and development has been in place in earnest ever since.

AR Games Currently Available

Pokémon Go is the best-known example of AR games, and is one of the biggest success stories in history. It was produced by Niantic, Nintendo and the Pokémon Go Company, and has been a cultural phenomenon since its July 2016 release. Other popular AR game titles include House of the Dying Sun; Elite: Dangerous; and Vanishing Realms.

The Future of AR Games and Casinos

Although we are not quite there yet, the goal of AR technology when it comes to casino game play is one of convenience, along with a totally immersive playing experience. You would be able to sit down at your kitchen table and take part in a high-stakes poker game right alongside other players that you would be able to interact with in real-time. Slots machines could be overlaid onto your bedroom wall and you could experience the thrill of a big win along with the sights and sounds of a virtual casino atmosphere without ever having to leave your house again.

AR has so much potential and it looks like Pokemon Go has opened the door for developers and players to explore a whole new, exciting world.


The channels of communications in society experienced a revolution. Technology is changing the old ways of communication to provide new forms of media. These new forms cover both short and long distance communications. Unlike old forms of media, the new forms allows intense long distance communication. This achievable through the use internet forums and emails.

Electronic media

The use of electronic gadgets like tablets, laptops among others is now very popular. However, this new tech is a barrier to in-person communication with friends and family. Visiting each other to relay information is fast becoming an old story. There is no need to visit people to convey messages when you can talk to them face to face on platforms like Skype. This is how technology has changed the dynamics of communication. One of the latest advances of technology is the use of magnetic media. It is being used in banks and other departments to improve services provided.

The social impact of the technological changes are being felt everywhere. It is true and can clearly be seen that these advancements in media mean loss of human contact in many relationships .The unfortunate result of high reliance on new technology to transmit information. But people who mostly rely on technology are online businesses such as aussieonlinepokies, whereby gamblers use technology to communicate with the brand.

Because of the widespread changes, school children are being encouraged to use the form of media to their advantage. They are using the internet to research school assignments. The old way of getting information from books for school assignments is being abandoned gradually. However, for businesses, it is not advisable to do away with the print media.

Advertising goods and services is still being done in newspapers, company magazines and fliers. Retail consumers confirm that print media is still a major source of information. There are also books and magazines that advertise latest online casinos such as top South African online casinos. Online casinos offer rewards that are higher than those at land-based casinos.


Acrylic glass, also known as Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is a low-cost transparent plastic material more commonly referred to as plexiglass. It is very similar to polycarbonate, though not quite as strong. It is one of the clearest and transparent plastics available on the market today.

Acrylic glass was first produced in 1928 and introduced to the market by the Rohm and Haas company. One of the first commercial applications of acrylic was during War World II in airplane windows, turrets, canopies, and submarine periscopes as medical personnel found that airmen whose eyes were injured by shattered acrylic glass fared much better than those who had been injured by shattered regular glass.

Today, acrylic glass is used in many applications. Some examples include acrylic nails, lenses, LCD screens, windows, aquarium tanks and even enclosures around zoo exhibits. In fact, the 10 meters deep Monterey Bay Aquarium tank has acrylic windows up to 33 cm thick.

Unlike its counterpart, polycarbonate, acrylic does not contain the harmful compound Bisphenol A (BPA) which is known endocrine disrupter and harmful to the environment.

Acrylic glass is considered a thermoplastic, meaning that it responds well to heat. Acrylic becomes liquid at its melting point (160 degrees Celsius). What makes acrylic so useful is the fact that it can be heated to its melting point, cooled, then reheated again with minimal degradation in its quality allowing for recycling of the material.

Acrylic glass is made by distilling hydrocarbon fuels into a lighter group known as “fractions”. These fractions are then combined with other catalysts to produce plastics through a process known as polymerization.

Although acrylic was first produced in 1928, the breakthroughs in material science that led to its discovery started way back in 1843 when acrylic acid was first discovered. Today, acrylic is produced by several large firms and in several well-known variants like Plexiglass, and Lucite produced by ELF Atochem and Dupont, respectively.

Acrylic glass is available in a large variety of colors produced by dyeing. The raw material is excellent at the transmission light, allowing 92 percent of light to pass through it which is nearly as good as glass. This makes acrylic glass a very good substitute in commercial applications.

Acrylic PMMA has a high degree of compatibility with human tissue and is used in the manufacturing of rigid intraocular lenses which are used to replace the original lenses that are damaged by cataracts. Acrylic PMMA induces much less inflammation making it a viable treatment option for those with recurrent ocular inflammation (uveitis).

Acrylic is also used in Orthopedic medicine as a substance called bone cement. It is used to fasten implants in the remodeling of lost bone.

In cosmetic surgery, microscopic acrylic microspheres suspended in a biological medium are injected under the skin to produce permanent wrinkle and scar reduction. Acrylic PMMA can also be implanted as artificial “muscles” in bodybuilders.

Lastly, some other notable uses for acrylic glass include the spectator protection glass in ice hockey arenas, police vehicles used for riot control and in the lenses of the exterior lights of cars.


The days of Windows PCs dominating the workplace are gone. Apple has stepped up its game and its capabilities for businesses provide many benefits over Windows. If you’re considering getting a new computer for your workplace, here are some of the top reasons you should choose a Mac.

1. Security

The costs and efforts of securing Windows PCs can take a toll on your business. Frequent antivirus updates and cleanups can be a drag. On the other hand, Macs are secure by design.

All macOS (computers) and iOS (mobile devices) are built on a stable UNIX foundation and feature file-level encryption keys. Regular software updates also ensure Apple products are consistently safeguarded from new security threats.

2. Backup and Recovery

Macs provide easy, efficient, and secure backup and recovery options for businesses, including:

  • Automated backups with Time Machine or iCloud
  • Quick recovery to reduce downtime
  • Install a fully usable backup on another Mac

By contrast, recovering a PC often takes a lot more time and effort.

3. Device Integration

Chances are, you and your employees already have some sort of Apple product, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or even a MacBook for personal use. With Macs at your workplace, you can benefit from continuity among all these devices.

For example, you could start a project at home on your iPad and easily finish it on your Mac at work. Syncing calendars, contacts, apps, and emails is a great way to stay organized and efficient. AirDrop also allows you to quickly share important documents between any Apple devices.

While you might not want to immediately trash any Windows PCs you currently have for your business, you should consider integrating some Apple devices into your workplace. If you’re wondering where the best place to buy a Mac for your business is, contact MelroseMAC, a proud Apple Premier Partner in Southern California.


The best route to buying a good value for money iPhone 6 and the benefits of moving up to one from an older iPhone such as a larger screen and all-new design. 

Enjoy affordable larger screen tech and a new look from Apple’s iPhone

The iPhone 6 was originally released in 2014 to take over from the 5S, and marked a departure in design for their hugely popular smartphone. A new case and larger screen options – up to 4.7 inches from the previous model’s 4 inch and the availability of a larger 5.0 screen with the 6 Plus version – meant the 6 was a genuinely all-new phone compared to some releases that offer no more than a mild revision.

Since then there have been two more generations of iPhone and there’s another release, the iPhone 8, due later in the year but the 6 still has a lot to offer for the savvy user who doesn’t mind not having the very latest iPhone in their pocket. Another great advantage of the iPhone 6 being a few phones old is the opportunity to pick one up for a decent price.

How much?

Presently, it’s possible to lay your hands on a refurbished iPhone 6 for prices starting at under £200 for a 16GB model. For this you’d get a phone with a warranty and a satisfaction guarantee fully checked over and including a new Apple lightning cable along with a SIM removal tool.

If you think you’d require more storage, then a 128GB version would come in at about £60 more. This is worth considering if you like to carry a large music collection with you; because of the larger screen, you may find yourself watching more video than usual if you’ve come from a smaller screened phone, so don’t skimp on storage.

You’ll be aware if you already use an iPhone that extra storage can’t be added in the form of memory cards, so make the right choice from the outset.

Where to buy?


As with the example above, the refurbished route offers a good combination of value for money and peace of mind. The phones have been fully checked and ‘memory wiped’ so they’re ready for a new user, and there’s usually a warranty and a money back guarantee so if you’re not totally happy with your phone it can be returned for a refund or replacement.

Also, the refurbishers above are established companies and experts in what they do, with a proven reputation; many have reviews on independent platforms such as Trustpilot so you can read their customers’ comments.

Other sources (including eBay)

You may well find when searching on a site like eBay that many smartphone refurbishment companies advertise there anyway, and while a private seller may have a phone for auction there’s the hassle of waiting to see if your maximum bid has been successful.

There might be the occasional ‘buy it now’ phone at an attractive price, but there’s no comeback with a private seller so long as they describe the phone accurately. In any event, you may find a ‘buy it now’ price not much less than that of a refurbisher who can offer added benefits such as warranties and satisfaction guarantees.

Buying privately

Along with eBay you’ll come across private sellers on sites such as Gumtree – and here you can do a local search of iPhones for sale.

You may find private sellers don’t offer much, if any, price advantages compared to buying from a refurbisher especially when you take into account the benefits and peace of mind a smartphone refurbishing specialist can offer.

iPhone 6 value

The iPhone 6 is a good value smartphone now; for possibly less than £200 a larger screen and the latest iPhone case design can be yours.


Who doesn’t love the convenience of playing their favourite casino game on a mobile device? It’s incredibly convenient, and offers an extraordinary amount of flexibility. After all, spinning a few reels on your phone sure makes standing in queue at the bank a great deal more tolerable. But casino games on mobile devices are a relatively new concept, only coming about in the last few years. This means that the industry is still developing, and that many innovations are still taking place.

Data Transfer Advancement

Just a few years ago a person would have thought the idea of engaging in multiplayer poker, on a phone, was impossible. Today, however, multiplayer mobile poker is commonplace, allowing even for real money to be won in the process. But how is such a thing even possible, taking into consideration that the players in the game can be located on all corners of the world?

Information sent and received by mobile devices is a marvel, using a network of towers and satellites. Setting up this network has taken years, and enormous amounts of money. But, the end result is finally here, and the amounts of data sent and received by mobile devices, and speed at which the data transfer is done, can all but be considered a miracle. A person can send an image to the United States, from Africa, and have it all but arrive instantaneously. This incredible advancement in technology has made multiplayer gaming on mobile devices possible.

Mobile Device Technology

Another area of technology that has advanced rapidly is the mobile devices themselves. The initial wave of mobile phones were clumsy, underpowered and extremely unrefined, allowing for only the most basic of tasks to be completed. Modern mobile devices, however, are very much small portable computers, with enormous resources and processing power. This increase in power has likewise increased the potential of what the device is capable of doing, allowing for ever more complicated games to be played.

As mobile device power increases over the years, so too will the fidelity of mobile casino games. One can only imagine what casino games will look like ten years from now. Jaws will inevitably hit floors at the spectacle.Currently, the best mobile casino Canada apps, and those available across the globe already offer an exceptional gaming experience, and this will only get better with time.

User Friendly Refinements

And it’s not just the visual appeal and complexity of games that are improving, but also the ease with which the games may be played. Streamlined controls and incredibly easy to understand visual displays are now common, but mobile games were not always this way. It has taken years of tweaks and adjustments to reach this level, and modern casino games could hardly be easier to understand and play.

The recent addition of touchscreens has taken this level of user friendly design to a whole new level, and virtually every modern casino game is optimised with a touchscreen in mind. It’s hard to believe that mobile casino games could get any more convenient or user friendly, but keep in mind that technology advancements like VR, soon to be adopted by the online casino industry, may take the experience to a whole new unforeseen level.