Kik is a widely-used chat messenger worldwide. It has a very simple procedure to use it. To start using this application, you need to create a Kik app account. All the communication that happens on this app is done on the basis of username. Learning the procedure of account creation and signing would help you use this application in a hassle-free way.

Process of creation of new Kik Messenger Account

To use this application, you need to login. For this, you need to have your Kik account. This requires you to download, install and register on this application.

Download this application

To download Kik App, you need to select the type of device on which you want to download the app. There are different versions of this app for different types of devices.

Some of these app versions are for Android, iPhone and iPad, Mac, for BlackBerry and Window phone. You need to select the download option as per the OS of your device. Kik app is available for free download on Amazon App Store, Google Play Store, etc.

Sign up procedure

Once you have successfully downloaded the kik app, you need to perform the below mentioned steps:

  • Click on the recently downloaded Kik messenger app.
  • Click on the “sign in” option. Now click “Create new account” link. You will be asked to furnish few personal details such as your full name, birth date, preferred Kik username, email id, and a Kik password. Providing phone number to your account is optional.
  • Once you add all this information, you are now required to enter a correct CAPTCHA code.
  • Once the captcha code entered by you is verified, you can complete your account creation process by adding a profile photo. This completes your Signup process. You need to use these details to Login to your account.

Important things to note while doing the account creation

  • Specify the age

When you register for this app, you need to enter your birthdate. On the basis of your age, you will be granted permission to open an account. To use Kik app, one has to be atleast thirteen years of age.

  • Phone Numbers

People who designed this app understand and respect the privacy of others. Due to this reason, they have not mandated to provide phone number while creating a new account.

  • Kik Usernames

Username is very important when it comes to interacting with your friends. You need to be very careful once you enter the Kik username, as you cannot change it again. The username you provide has to be unique and preferably difficult to guess. This would help you to prevent communication from unwanted people.

  • Kik Password

Select a strong password so that it becomes hard for others to decipher. The length of the password should be at least eight characters. It should be a combination of both uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

Login to your Kik app account

Once you have provided all the details keeping in mind the above mentioned points, you are ready to start off with this chat app. On the home page of the kik app, you will find login button. Click on it and enter your username and password. This will open up your Kik app account. Now, you can easily chat with your friends using this intuitive and self-explanatory app.

This is especially useful for all those people, who are new to Kik messenger. Using this elaborate explanation of the login procedure, you are now ready to use your Kik app account without any hassle.



New apps come into the Android and iOS market every month. Whether you are a casual gamer or someone looking for something beefier, you will always find your ideal gaming app. With regards to this, January 2017 didn’t just slip away unnoticed. This month was marked by the entry of new apps for users who have an appetite to play online games. Therefore, this list is just a reinforcement of new apps which people have discovered on the internet this year.

5 Nights at Freddy’s

This app was built on the most popular horror franchise in gaming niches. As a player, you will find yourself playing the role of a security officer guarding animatronics. The game also incorporates other mechanics to give it an appealing look. There is a mini game in the app which features multiple endings and a custom night as well. The app can be purchased for a small cost. The premium version doesn’t come with in-app purchases.

The Little Fox

This game was designed to feature infinite running within a unique premise. The developer of this game says that it’s one of a kind app which features infinite running in a hexagonal play field. What this means is that users will have multiple directions in which they can run to. The game features a young adorable Fox as a character that keeps you busy. The interface is colorful and rich with graphics too. It’s fun to have the Little Fox app on your phone.

Jackpot city

Jackpot city is a highly ranked casino app which can be downloaded and installed in both Android and iOS devices. The app is optimized for the ultimate mobile experience. The gameplay is amazing since Jackpot City was designed to produce HD graphics on a mobile phone. It comes with 71 casino titles which also includes video poker, mobile slots, and even progressive jackpot. Though this app was not launched in 2017, it still continues to attract a huge attention which makes it feel relatively new in the market.

888 slots

If you’re looking to play slots for real money, don’t go too far. This app received some interesting upgrade in 2017, and now it features mobile friendly blockbusters such as Jack Hammer, Starburst, etc. The app also features video poker, jackpot games, and live games as well.

Born to be rich

This one is for the iPhone 5 users since the app is strictly optimized for that device. Born to be rich is basically a collection of new slot machines in 2017. Designed by Smash Atoms games, this app promises to make you have a field day with your iPad device. It’s among the greatest apps to be launched on the internet this year.

Royal Vegas online casino

This is yet another casino app that keeps updating their slots machines on a regular basis. If you want to feel that your time is really being compensated, this is the app to download. The app comes with a wide selection of real money games to play. It has new games in 2017 as well. You definitely need to check it out to see what we mean by saying a great selection of games.



Pretty much everybody has a smartphone these days, and they are very impressive devices. Do you remember when you bought your first mobile phone? I bet that you were impressed with its ability to send messages and make calls, and it probably had a clock on its LCD face! Back then, this was the height of technology, but now things are a lot different! You probably have a phone in your pocket that can access the internet, send and receive emails and much more besides, with a full colour screen and a wealth of fantastic functions and features. Furthermore, it probably costs you next to nothing to run!

Whether you have an iPhone – one of the most popular devices on the market – or one of the many Android phones, you can download many useful and fun apps. These range from practical apps such as maps and directions, to a vast array of fun games and more. Your smartphone most likely includes a decent camera, so you can take excellent snaps whenever you wish, and have fun with them to. Indeed, there are many apps that allow you to manipulate photos on your phone, some of which are great fun to play with your friends.

Old Person Fun Photos

Have you seen those apps where you can change your looks? There are some excellent ones about, and we particularly like Oldify 2! This is the new version of Oldify, and is a vast improvement on the original. What does it do? Well, it sounds ridiculous, but you use it on a photo of you – or your friends – and it gives you a rendition of you when you are old! Imagine being able to share daft photos of an aged you, or even your kids, and having a laugh over it! It’s a great way of enjoying the capabilities of your smartphone, and it is also an excellent conversation starter, and the best old person picture app around.

Of course, this is just one of the many fun apps that you can use on your smartphone, but it is very cheap to buy and will guarantee you hours of fun. Try it on a photo of someone as a baby and you won’t stop laughing – it really is that good! We found it to be easy to download and use – it takes just a few minutes to set up – and it is available for iPhone or as an aging photo app for Android phones, too.

Why not check out the superb and fun Oldify 2 now; try it on some of your photos and send them to your friends or, better still, try them on your friends’ photos and send them back to them! It’s a fun way of starting a conversation, and as it takes only a few seconds to use, you don’t have to set aside any particular time to use Oldify 2! Download it now, it will be the best app you’ve played with in years.




Online Divorce Could Simplify Proceedings and Reduce Stress

A pilot project that allows digital issuance of divorce proceedings could pave the way towards “no-fault” grounds for ending marriage.

England’s most senior family judge, Sir James Munby, has backed a pilot plan in which divorce proceedings will be allowed to be issued digitally for the first time. The move could reduce the bureaucracy and stress faced by thousands of divorcing couples every year.

However, the day of paperless divorce becoming a reality for everyone could still be some distance away, as reformers struggle through the bureaucracy of reducing bureaucracy.

Fewer divorces

More than 110,000 divorce proceedings commenced in 2015, marking a continuing drop in divorces since statistics peaked at 165,000 in 1993.

This should, however, be considered in combination with the stepwise reduction in marriages over the past 40 years. As one family lawyer remarked in an article for the Daily Telegraph, “Many businessmen and women are simply choosing not to marry and, therefore, that is affecting the numbers of divorces too.”

Simplified proceedings

Despite the year on year fall in the UK divorce rate, a simplified online process would still have a major impact on almost a quarter of a million people every year – people who are already going through one of the most stressful events imaginable.

The proposed reforms were published last September by the Ministry of Justice, in its consultation paper Transforming Our Justice System.

The paper stated the aim of removing some of the bureaucracy from what are often stressful and lengthy proceedings. It also sought to simplify the administrative processes by using digital forms. To this end, it said that work is already underway to allow divorce applications to be made and managed online.

A long road ahead

Despite the positive voice of reform, it would be unrealistic to expect people to be able to complete their divorce proceedings at the click of a mouse any time soon.

Consultation has been carried out with “end users” (ie those who have been through the process of divorce) to gain insights on any shortcomings with the current system, and how these can best be overcome.

The next step will be a small pilot project. Sources state that the pilot is due to commence shortly, but even this will require some changes to the rules for divorce, by way of a Practice Direction. To date, no such Direction has been published.

While there is clear enthusiasm to develop and roll out an online system, Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service has not committed to a timeline for when this will be available to the general public.

Of course, one major hurdle for an online system is that many divorces lead to disputes and disagreements over the splitting of assets and childcare that cannot be resolved without the help of the best divorce lawyers.

Digital revolution

The proposed pilot is one of several digital projects underway, proving that the digital revolution is even having its effect in the most established and traditional legal areas. Other projects involve such areas as probate and tribunals, but will not necessarily have the usual speed associated with the digital age.

Each project will proceed at its own rate and the process of modernisation is likely to be of a slow and piecemeal nature. At best, commentators predict it might be possible to complete their initial divorce petition online by late 2017.




In 2016, small businesses were virtually targeted, be it through ransomware, hack attacks or denial of service attacks, and it is becoming an increasingly worrying trend.

You would think that cyber criminals would go for bigger, more established companies, but that isn’t the case anymore. Smaller businesses are being targeted as they are said to have lower defences than larger organisations, which would make sense as smaller companies have fewer human and financial resources. Cyber criminals thrive off of small businesses for these reasons, as well as having a better chance at accessing their victims’ customer data and intellectual property as opposed to a larger company.

Hacking claims reached international news level in the beginning of this year, in the form of Russia allegedly meddling with the US presidential election. The director of National Intelligence General James Clapper said Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the Democratic Party in America to be hacked, with the motive said to be revealed ‘soon’.

Criminals are constantly discovering new ways to exploit the Internet to generate illegal income, and it’s something that will continue to rise unless IT security becomes more robust.

For small and medium sized businesses, the solution is to hire professional IT support in Essex – companies such as Networking 2000 can offer a fast, reactive team of highly experienced IT engineers to help with a range of IT and communication services. Don’t be the next victim on ransomware or hacking, upgrade your security today.

Essential Tips To Prevent Hacking

The most common cause of a computer or network being compromised is when a virus or hack is installed on a computer via an email attachment or link. Phishing emails are sent that mimic trusted suppliers, banks and popular websites, which encourage an individual to download a file. For instance, the file may be said to contain personal information that requires verification – when this is opened, it installs hacker’s software onto a computer that allows the hacker to then take control.

Another more recent tactic we have seen is that hackers send an email that pretends to be from a local council, issuing a speeding ticket or fine for illegal parking. Recipients are invited to “verify” their vehicle, which involves again downloading a file that if opened, will install a virus that gives the hacker control of the computer.

Sometimes the hackers are far more direct and telephone their victims, claiming to be calling from a Microsoft support team. They aim to convince their victims that their computer is in danger of becoming disabled due to a system errors, and request access to the computer. Once they gain access, usually via a service such as LogMeIn, they install the virus while pretending to help the victim.

It is often weeks after the security breach that the hackers make their move, so it is not always clear to IT support how or when the breach initially occurred.

There are many methods used by cyber criminals to steal private information that can then be used to attack a business. Ensure all staff are educated about computer security and are informed to never download or open an email attachment from an unknown source.

Innovative advancements in technology have always been at the forefront of many industry changing developments, especially in recent years where more and more markets rely heavily on this tech-based progression.

Certain industries are much more welcoming of new technologies and have been able to see how beneficial it can be to embrace new developments in such ways in which they can better serve their customer base.

Technology has helped expand market reach into a variety of formerly untapped areas on a global scale. It has helped increase connectivity and communications between businesses and their clients and has even helped the gaming industry grow exponentially over the past decade.

The gambling industry is one example of an industry that has always warmly welcomed new ways in which it could expand its services using technological breakthroughs.

For more than 2 decades the industry has managed to develop its services for the ever-expanding online market and each and every year it has continued to push boundaries and create new and immersive ways in which to enjoy online casino gaming experiences.

Gambling has become much more mainstream thanks to the rise of the online market and as we entered an era of smartphone and mobile-based gambling the industry expanded even further.

In fact it was the perfect way in which this once specialised area of 18-plus entertainment could finally appeal to a whole new generation of gamblers and even those who had possibly never even placed a bet in their lives previously.

The online gambling market continues to thrive and there is almost an unending string of online operators now providing customers and online patrons with a whole host of popular casino-based games such as poker, roulette, baccarat and online slots.

Online casinos and other slot sites have been bought to life with more realistic graphics, sounds and more fluid gameplay and as the technology improves and as operating systems and platforms develop the whole experience is fast becoming more and more immersive.

Virtual reality and even augmented reality are already taking the gaming market by storm and it’s a technology that is bound to advance at a rapid rate as the demand for these unique services begin to develop moving forward.

As this online revolution evolved so of course has the way in which reprehensible individuals and so-called cyber-criminals do all that they can to take advantage of these virtual accounts and steal users’ money and important security-based details.

It has been crucial that online operators and gaming developers have been able to keep on top of these potential security risks and hazards by developing counter measures to protect their customer’s personal information.

Improved technology has also helped customers sign up for trustworthy third-party payment providers of which online casinos partner with in order to better protect their account holders from potential identify theft and provide more secure online transactions.




If you like to set your friends up with dates, we have something you are going to like. The problem with matchmaking is that it has many pitfalls. Many times you’ll find that people you think would be great together simply don’t get on, and it often means physically meeting people, so in a pub, club or at a party. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way of getting people together that didn’t involve any of these problems? Well, there is: it’s a great app called Spritzr, and it makes matchmaking both simple and fun.

One thing to start with: Spritzr is not just another dating app. It’s much more, and a lot of fun. So, what’s it all about? Here’s the innovative bit – both single people and those in relationships can sign up to use the app, and each does so in a different way. Single people sign up so that they can be matched to other singles; those in a relationship do the matching. It’s a great concept, and one that has met with much approval by users already. That’s the concept, but how does it work?

How Spritzr Works

Once you have downloaded the free matchmaking app – it’s free and takes a few minutes – you enter your details. Spritzr works differently to many such apps in that friends recommend friends to each other. The app uses your Facebook contacts list as a source, and you simply match people from your list with the single people you believe to be appropriate. Each of them has the option to either agree – and perhaps start chatting or arrange to meet – or to reject the match if they believe it to be the way to go.

The simplicity of the process is clear to see, but for us, perhaps the most important part is that it’s safe. This is because you know your friends, and certainly would not recommend someone you don’t know, so the recipients also know there is no danger in meeting each other. It’s also less embarrassing than meeting for the first time in a public place! The fun element is also a bonus, and it’s a great feeling when you match someone successfully, or meet someone you like, so have a look at the iTune matchmaking app now for more information.

Check it Out Now!

We recommend you check out the Spritzr app as a great way of making matches, and you really will find it more fun than you might expect. If you are single, it’s a great way to meet new people, and to widen your circle of friends. You can find all the information you need on how to download and use Spritzr at the website, and read comments from customers who have already used the app successfully. Also, check out the Karma Points idea – it’s even more added fun!




Credit and debit cards are now so much a part of our daily lives that it is easy to forget they were once only occasionally used. Indeed, when one considers they have only really been widely used for the last couple of decades, it becomes even clearer how much they have changed our lives. The convenience of a card payment cannot be overstated; it’s quick, free to the customer and also negates the need to carry a lot of cash. Also, the rapid advent of contactless payment – now available also with smart phones – is a further boost for the customer.

However, have you considered the ways in which you, the retailer, could benefit from accepting card payments? Perhaps you have yet to join the millions of businesses using card processing as you fear the cost? The simple fact is that, if you don’t take card payments, you are missing out. Here’s a few facts for you to consider: firstly, it has been shown that consumers spend more – by as much as 20% – when paying by card. That is a lot of extra sales, at no added cost, that you are missing out on. Then, consider that 66% of face to face purchases, for goods and services, are made by card, and you begin to see why you should be taking card payments.

Merchant Account Solutions

If you are looking for a cheap way of getting into the card payment world, have a look at the website of Merchant Account Solutions, the leading name in the supply of quality equipment and software. They can supply you with equipment free of charge, and very quickly, and have a high acceptance rate for applications. As experts in the field they will ensure that you get the right equipment for your needs, and that you are treated to professional and friendly service throughout.

The benefits of a free credit card machine are many: you get potential extra sales, more custom and are able to take payments into your account without having to make trips to the bank and pay in checks. It’s not just advisory to get onto card payments, it really is a necessity if you want to stay ahead of the game and improve the efficiency of your business.

Move into the 21st Century

Once you have decided to go with the flow and start accepting card payments, you should talk to Merchant Account Solutions about the best route to take. They will advise you on the best free debit card processing machine for you, and they have the guaranteed best rates in the business. If you already have a processing account then take their $100 Challenge, in which they will pay you that amount if they can’t beat your current payments.

Have a look at the Merchant Account Solutions website now for more information and advice on how to get hold of a credit card payment solution, and get in touch so they can help you get started.




Whilst many businesses fear SEO and consider it something of an unwanted necessity, it is in fact a perfectly well structured way to go about getting relevant traffic by creating quality content.

The great news for businesses is there are plenty of free tools which can help structure a winning strategy – that’s right, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get your SEO pointing in the right direction. It just takes a little bit of knowhow.

In this guide, the following 5 tools are a brilliant way to shape your SEO efforts so you can launch yourself up Google’s rankings with white hat tactics. Don’t miss out – make sure you’re on target to meet your KPIs today with a winning strategy.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

The cornerstone of any healthy keyword strategy, this is the tool which allows businesses to find the keywords they need to use. With the right keywords, it’s possible to structure on-site content which will get you ranking and claim traffic from relevant customers.

It’s free and easy to use, too, so there’s no excuse! Delve on in and quickly unearth the terms your customers are using to find the products you sell or service you provide. Need a quick guide to help you along? Quick Sprout offers a basic introduction to Google Keyword Planner to kelp you along.

  1. Moz Local Listing Score

From over 15 renowned sources (which, naturally, includes Google), the legendary Moz analyses data to provide you with a grade for your local SEO efforts. Local Search is quick and easy to use and will provide you with a basic overview of how things are going. From this, you can discern what your Moz rating is and you’ll be supplied with insights on how you can go about fixing them.

As an example, where I’m from SEO Manchester remains a hotly competed contest between hundreds of businesses. Whether this is restaurants, retail stores, or hotels, it’s a furiously contested business arena which means every advantage you can steal in the world of SEO will help you. So, don’t forget about your local efforts!

  1. Screaming Frog

Despite its bizarre name, this is a brilliant piece of software which can help your business to unearth any on-site issues with your website. Screaming Frog is an SEO spider which allows you to search through all of your pages to highlight crawl issues such as broken links or meta tags which aren’t properly optimised.

It’ll search 500 pages for free, making this an ideal piece of software for small businesses. Tools such as Moz will do the same, but you have to pay for them! So try out Screaming Frog to correct those niggling problems.

  1. Google Analytics & Search Console

Although this tool may be overwhelming at first (it takes some practice to get used to), the software is essential. It’ll help you to understand the traffic you’re receiving, where it’s coming from, the bounce rate on landing pages, and the amount of conversions you’re generating.

Along with Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console), it’s pretty much essential in gathering SEO insights, such as which pages are generating traffic whilst offering insights on keywords. Webmaster Tools also offers this, with additional analysis on what the world’s leading search engines actually make of your website. In this essence, it’s a great way to identify issues.

Google will also usually send a business warnings in its messaging system if it believes the site is contravening its quality guidelines. Keep an eye on this to make sure you’re not heading into a penalty based on your possible black hat SEO tactics. This Moz guide to Search Console will help you to get to grips with it.

  1. Open Site Explorer

This is another free tool from Moz which is extremely useful, especially if you’re performing your first SEO audit.

Open Site Explorer offers a detailed insights into the links on your site and how this is impacting on your authority or status in the world of SEO. For instance, if you have a load of spammy links you’re in trouble – this tool will identify them, however, and you can then disavow the links. From there, you can go ahead and aim for good quality links to add real authority to your site.



If you play slot machines, whether for fun or money, we have got something to tell you. It’s about how you can play the very best slot machines, sometimes for free, and win! No, we’re not going to tell you how to cheat your local slot machine – that would be very wrong – but we are going to show you how you can get free money and spins. Consider this: where do you usually play your favourite slots? We’re guessing its most likely at your local pub or the casino? Or perhaps your town has an arcade or a bookmaker with slot machines?

Wherever it is, we can tell you how to play the very best slot machines from your own home, or from wherever you can find an internet connection. You can play from wherever there is a Wi-Fi hotspot, or from your office (during your break of course) and at any time of the day or night, every day of the year. How can you do this? With online slot machines, which are just one of the many delights that have been brought to us thanks to the internet! Easy to play, with plenty of games to choose from, you’re going to love what we are about to tell you.

How to Get Free Spins

We have to be kidding, right? Nobody gives anything away for free these days! What’s the catch? We’ll be honest: there is no catch, you really can play for free. Let us tell you how it works: if you sign up with one of the many online casinos, you will find that they offer a variety of bonuses and incentives. The most popular is that they will match your initial deposit, up to a certain upper limit, 100%. So, if you deposit £50, they give you another £50, completely free, no strings attached, which you can play with. It’s a great deal, and proof that free slots win real money.

And there’s more: some games will entice you to play longer by giving your free spins and other bonuses, a sort of loyalty scheme, so you can win more money with your free plays. You should also remember that there are many casinos, and you are free to sign up with as many as you want, and take advantage of the various free play and money offers available.

We love online fruit machines – and the many other casino games you can play online – and we are sure you will, too, but we also want to make sure you enjoy your gambling, so be sensible and set a limit you can afford. One last tip: check the RTP value of the machines – that’s Return to Player, and is the percentage the machine will pay back over a given time. Pick the game with the highest RTP, and you stand the best chance of success!