There is no getting away from the fact that social media marketing is absolutely essential, no matter the size, scope or type of your business. However, it is not as simple as producing an advert and putting it out there.

Facebook offers quite a comprehensive set of options and parameters when it comes to ads, so we thought we’d help you with a dummies guide to Facebook ads that gives you the main points to think about in simple terms, so here goes!

Learn the Lingo!

While Facebook ads are simple once you get to grips with them, there are some terms you may need to understand before you get going. Most are standard in the online advertising and marketing world, so here’s a few to get you started:

  • Actions – this is the number of people who engage with your ad, by clicking on the link or action you have presented
  • CPC – the cost per click, the cost to you each time someone clicks on your ad
  • CPM – cost per thousand, what it costs you for every 1000 clicks on your ad
  • Campaign – this is your overall marketing campaign, the group of ads you are using
  • Landing page – the first page the viewer sees when they click on your ad

Now if you are familiar with these you will likely be familiar with others, so let’s move on to a more interesting subject – the advertising Filters.

What are Facebook Advertising Filters?

This is where things get clever; Facebook allows you to allow a number of useful filters to be applied to your ad, so that only those you want to target will see it. Some of the most useful are:

  • Gender – if your product is gender specific, this means only those relevant will see your ad.
  • Age – there are a series of age groups you can choose who will see your ad.
  • Likes and Interests – Facebook users can add likes and interests to their profile; you can select only those with certain interests to see your ad.
  • Location – if you are supplying a local service, you can select country and – in the USA and other countries – more specific areas to target.
  • Relationship – there may be occasions where you are promoting a product or service for single people, or conversely for those in relationships.
  • Birthday – send someone your ad on their birthday, useful for specific purposes.

These are just a few of the specific filters you can choose from and there are many more including workplace, language and others that may be of use to you.

Facebook ads are a very effective way of getting your name and product out to a wide audience, and with the use of the above tips you should be able to make things even more effective. There is plenty more information and advice to be found on using this resource, so read up now, and see how you could improve your online marketing tactics at very little cost.