Video tutorials are a great way to learn new skills – but what if you want to teach others a skill that you’re particularly good at? In that case, you’ll need to record and create your very own video tutorial, and that may be a stumbling block if you’ve never actually done so in the past.

The Movavi Screen Capture Studio is perfect if that’s the case. It has all the features that you need to record and produce a video tutorial that will look and feel as if it was done by a professional – so you can rest assured that it will impress any and all viewers. The best part is, you don’t need to actually be a professional to use it; even a beginner can pick it up and make good use of its features.

In no small part this is due to the fact that although it has a full stable of powerful features, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio takes great pains to ensure that it is still user-friendly. All of its features utilize an intuitive approach so learning how to use them should take minutes – if that.

To record your very own video tutorial all you need to do is:

  1. Choose whether you’re going to capture video by recording yourself via a webcam, or by recording your screen via screen capture. Depending on the type of tutorial you’re creating you can decide which approach is best.
  2. Record the footage that you need, along with multiple takes until you get it ‘just right’.
  3. Go over the video footage that you recorded and trim out the unnecessary segments while combining the rest into the final video.
  4. Edit the footage to enhance the quality, insert stylish transitions, apply special effects, include background music, and even add subtitles – as required.
  5. Save the video using one of the presets depending on the platform or device that you are going to use it on.

As you can see, the rich array of features at your fingertips will let you use the Movavi Screen Capture Studio as a video tutorial software to great effect. The best part is that if you’re willing to experiment a little you’ll find that with a bit of trial and error you could really tweak your tutorial into a perfect viral video that may give you a few minutes of fame. You may also check the tutorial if you want to know how to convert MOV to MP4.