The use of social media is one of the best ways to improve the marketing of your local business without having to invest lots of money. However, if not utilised correctly, it can work against you too. Read on for tips on how to make sure that you’re making the most of social media.

Localise Your Social Media

If you’re only targeting your local area, then you should create a page specifically for this area. If you have different locations in one city, then consider creating pages specifically targeted to this area.

Create Valuable Content

Content is the best way to increase your brand’s exposure on social media. It can be funny, informative or inspiring – as long as it adds value and enriches the people who read it, then they will be more likely to share it and give you more exposure.

Not only will content give you more exposure, but it will add to your brand perception too – making it look like you are passionate and up to date (and even a thought leader) in your field.

It can also help you with your SEO too, as adding fresh content will tell the search engines that your site is relevant and up to date.

Interact with Your Community

How you treat customers on social media should reflect the way that you treat them in real life. If they comment on something that you’ve shared or created, make sure that you carry on that conversation instead of a closed statement.

If you do business with other businesses in your area, make sure that you promote them too, as they will be likely to return the favour. Promote local events and charities too, if it falls within your niche or industry. Again, this conveys an enthusiasm for your business and an investment in others’ success.

Be Helpful

If and when you have negative comments on your social media, have a policy in place to deal with it. Even great businesses will make someone unhappy at some point – and they may well decide to shout about it. Having a way to deal with it will make sure that you are prepared. This may involve employing special delivery services, like these ones from TNT, to make sure that your customer gets their product in good time.

Hire a Social Media Manager

If you’re looking to give your business a real boost in this area, then an expert might be all you need. Whether you hire a freelancer or someone in house, someone who really knows what they are talking about will truly be beneficial.

Dos and Don’ts


  • Focus on engagement rather than how many likes you have
  • Be an active presence on your social media, but don’t go overboard
  • Know your customers and what they care about
  • Decide on a tone of voice and stick to it
  • Use analytics to shape your behaviour
  • Be original


  • Neglect your pages
  • Be spammy
  • Delete negative comments, instead acknowledge and deal with the problem
  • Be a robot, make sure you sound like a human!