There are some consoles and games technologies that really stand out in the history of gaming. Here are the landmarks that are the best and most important for me.


This is where it all started. Yes, modern gaming goes back to the time of Pong in the early 1970s. Pong might seem like a rudimentary and dull game to modern gamers, but it was a real revelation 40 years ago. And without this simple table tennis style game, some of the later innovations in the world of gaming would not have been possible. And, as anyone who has actually played Pong will know, the game is still pretty addictive and fun to play even now. It took the form of an arcade game, but the next generation of arcade machines took an even greater leap forward.

Arcade Machines

The golden age of arcade games was between 1978 and 1986. In the post-Pong gaming world, the new generation of gamers were looking for something else, something a little more interesting and expansive. And the golden age really kicked off with the introduction of Space Invaders in 1978. With the success of Space Invaders, arcade machines started to become mainstream. They were in shopping centres, convenience stores, bars and restaurants all over the world. Then game Pac-Man, the other iconic game of that time.

Nintendo Gameboy

In 1989, the Nintendo Gameboy took gaming and put it in the palm of your hand. You didn’t have to stand in front of a 6-foot arcade machine any longer, you could carry your games console in your pocket. For a lot of people, their first experience of playing games was with the Gameboy. It also established the model for selling games for handheld devices that continues to this day. Nintendo went on to produce the Gameboy Color, the Color SP and then the Nintendo DS emerged and thrives still today.


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Playstation 2

The simple reason why the Playstation 2 has to rank on this list is because it remains the best-selling games console in history. Yes, more people had a PS2 at its height than any games console that’s followed it. It was a real breakthrough in gaming. It was released in 2000; a new console for the new millennium. It was better than all of its rivals, which included the Xbox, Gamecube and Sega Dreamcast. It offered graphics better than anything that had been seen in games before. My L-shaped desk that I use for gaming still has a PS2 sitting on it, and I only keep the consoles I really love!

Xbox 360

The next great advance in gaming technology arrived with the Xbox 360. In terms of hardware, there was nothing particularly exciting about the console. Yes, it had better graphics, and it was certainly the best games console that Microsoft had released to date. But what made it important was Xbox Live. This meant that for the first time, people could play games online, connect with friends and take multiplayer gaming to a new level entirely. It set the standard for the time of gaming we’ve all become used to over the last decade.