Regardless of where you might travel over the coming few months, there will be lots of good smartphone apps that could considerably enhance your experience. Finding the best ones can be tricky though, and so we thought it wise to offer some advice. It’s no use downloading the first apps you come across as they might be inferior to other solutions on the market. Take our advice, and you should have no trouble identifying the best ones out there.

Read articles online

There are thousands and thousands of articles online that recommend applications for a whole variety of different endeavors. All you have to do is search on Google to find the ones most-suitable for you. Look for blog posts from some of the most-popular tech sites on the web, and you should stand in good stead.

Read reviews on the app store

Both Apple and Google publish customer reviews for apps available from their stores. That means you can find out what other people thought after downloading particular applications. Take a few moments to read through them all before you click the download button. It should become obvious if an app doesn’t perform as advertised.

Search by popularity

Thankfully, all the top app stores allow you to search through their categories and filter by popularity. If an app has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, you are safe to assume it works pretty well.

If you would like to see some quick recommendations for the best travel apps around right now, simply take a quick look at the infographic.

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