YouTube is where it’s at, in the modern era. Virtually everyone is familiar with YouTube these days, and if not getting most of their entertainment from YouTube, the vast majority of people are at least aware of what it is. And, as time goes on, traditional broadcast television is seeing less and less viewers, while YouTube is only rapidly increasing in popularity. It seems that the future is one dominated by a world of online viewing entertainment.

One question is, however, as to what YouTube will offer its viewers. Given that YouTube is mostly dominated by average people, at home, uploading videos, the content varies drastically. You-Tubers, as those who earn a living via making YouTube videos are known, need regular content to upload. But what can they keep offering viewers to keep them coming back?

One of the most popular styles of YouTube channel are known as “let’s plays.” This involves You-Tubers uploading videos of themselves playing popular video games. The content is very successful in general, but is this having a negative effect on the gaming industry? After all, if people are watching games get played, instead of buying and playing games, isn’t this set to kill the video game industry?

Let’s Plays – Video Game Gold

On the contrary, when a popular You-Tuber play a video game online, this provides incredible publicity for a game, and in fact can have an overwhelmingly positive impact on the sales of that game. Some video games can attribute their success almost entirely to being frequently played online, and many even argue that You-Tubers have granted the video game industry more success than it has ever seen before.

The now infamous game Amnesia is where Let’s Plays really took off. Currently seen as a smash hit, the relatively low budget horror game was set to be no more than a small passing PC game. But, upon being played online by dozens of You-Tubers, including the biggest You-Tuber in the world, Pew Die Pie, it was a match made in heaven. Pew Die Pie’s videos of the game granted him enormous online fame, and likewise helped the game sell well beyond what could have been expected otherwise.

Partnership Deals

Currently, any game that hopes to see major success all but relies on being played by You-Tubers, that is unless it is already as popular as the online blackjack Canada has on offer. The more the game is played online, the more it sees far reaching publicity, and the more it will inevitably sell. There is the risk that a game can lose its impact upon being viewed, and not personally played, but this is a small price to pay for what will be guaranteed sales.

The fact is that presently most major video game publishers will pay You-Tubers to play their game online. The publicity is far better than traditional adverts and promotional videos, by an overwhelmingly vast margin. One can all but say that You-Tubers are the key to success for modern games, and that may well be the same the other way around. Which is to say, You-Tubers also rely on having good games to play, which draw in viewers.

In this day and age, You-Tube and video games are a symbiotic relationship.