Did you know that your website design can have a major effect on your company’s SEO efforts?

It’s true. There are a lot of reasons why this is the case, and we’re going to explain a few of them.

User-Friendly Websites Rule the Roost

Google is smart. And what’s better? It’s getting smarter every day. The thing is, effective SEO requires more than just keywords. I mean, sure, if you hire someone who hasn’t studied SEO in the last ten or more years than you’re going to think keywords are everything but that just isn’t the case anymore. With every algorithm update, Google becomes increasingly more smart and now ranks pages according to relevance. And no, Google doesn’t think your page is the most relevant for a “cupcake batter popcorn recipe” just because you put those words in that order two-hundred times on the home page. Nope! Google is judging your page on how user-friendly it is, the time people are spending on your site, who is linking to you and who you’re linking to, and so on and so forth. There are many factors that no one outside of  a digital marketing agency is going to understand. And that’s okay! That’s why digital marketing agencies exist. What’s cool is that website design plays such a big role in SEO and most people don’t even realize it. They try to divorce SEO and website design and it just can’t be done. You can’t have a successful business or website without SEO and you can’t have effective SEO without a well-designed, user-friendly website.

Page Speed Matters

When it comes to website design, you might not think about it, but page speed is also a factor Google uses when ranking your site. Slow load times are a huge deal. If your site is crammed full of so much…junk, chances are that it’s going to slow your site down. And of course Google doesn’t want to display it first. Nobody is going to want to visit a site that tends to have terribly slow load times or lots of spammy content that also assists in slowing it down. When it comes to website design, think simple, clean and neat, but eccentric and enticing enough to draw people in long enough for them to convert. You want your site to be casual, interesting and adventurous, but also professional. This is where it helps to talk to an expert at a website design agency. They’ll know exactly how to arrange your site to draw in your target audience but also keep it user and mobile-friendly.

Site Content: The Ultimate Lead Funnel

The content on your site can either make or break a potential customers interest in what you have to offer. Whether it be a service or a tangible product, the content on your site not only majorly affects your SEO, but it also can majorly affect sales.

Think of the content on your site as a lead funnel. If your content is well-written and enticing, you can draw people in much more easily than if you spend all of your time keyword stuffing in an attempt to get a better rank in Google. In fact, if you’re of the mind that keyword stuffing is going to get you a good rank, think again, because keyword stuffing can actually lead to a Google penalty and that is absolutely one of the worst things you can recieve when it comes to SEO. Remember that your website design is only as good as your content. You can have a great looking website, but if you have bad content, nobody will stick around long enough to be able to enjoy your website design for what it is. And the same is true of content. If you have fantastic content but horrible website design, nobody can appreciate the content for what it’s actually worth. They’re too stuck on the fact that your site looks like it was made 20+ years ago and the blurry picture of whatever that was supposed to be as a blog banner. Yep. It matters. You can read more about this here: https://www.webology.technology/2018/01/20/five-wildly-effective-elements-web-design/

When it comes to SEO and website design, it’s best to just hire someone who knows what they’re doing and not worry about whether or not you’re making the best decision for your site when it comes to something you don’t understand. Just like a website design agency isn’t going to understand your business like you do, you can hardly expect yourself to understand the world of digital marketing and website design.