As smartphones have evolved, so to has the problems relating to how to keep them safe in your pocket or bag without damaging them.  Although you may think that it is simply a case of buying a nice fitting cover or case, as there are plenty out there, more is involved.  Mobile phones, particularly the better models, are very expensive now and therefore are a large investment, so you need to buy something that is going to protect your investment.  To help you narrow down the search results, as there are many thousands of products out there, we have put together a guide of the things we thing you should look for when you are buying a new smartphone wallet.

Wallet Material

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The material of a smartphone wallet is very important as that will provide the protection your phone needs from the elements and accidental damage.  By far the wallets that are most affordable are the ones made from silicone or a similar soft rubber material, like those available from jimmyCASE.

Wallet Holster

When it comes to the actual fit, you should be aiming to look for one that fits your particular model.  A skin-tight fit will ensure crud and sweat are kept out and to give the screen the right amount of protection you should look for a wallet with a bevelled edge of at least 1 millimetre high.

Wallet Stitching

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Along with the fit and the material of the wallet you should be looking at how the wallet has actually been put together.  Wallets that have been glued together are more likely to fall apart easily, compared to those that include some degree of actual stitching.

Wallet Portholes

As your smartphone is something you will very likely carry around with you at all times, while you will definitely want to protect it, you will also want to access many of the features even when out and about.  This is why it is important to consider the portholes available in wallets that you are looking at.  Nowadays, there are wallets made with specific models of smartphone in mind, meaning that the portholes and other buttons and features will be easy to access even when the phone is in its case.  Take a look at the jimmyCASE iPhone 6s wallet as a good example of this.