We all have our personal gadget wish list. With new gadgets coming out every single day, it is important to keep an eye out for new-exciting gadgets that you may want to add to your list. 2014 has been quite a year for developing gadgets so far. We have seen plenty of brand new gadgets hit the stores, and plenty gadgets sellout when they do so. As we are now in the eighth month of the year, I have decided that it’s about time I take a look back at what 2014 has had to offer. Here are my top five must have gadgets of the year so far.

1. Misfit Shine

The Misfit Shine is at the forefront of modern technology. This gadget allows users to measure their daily fitness routine with the use of a simple bracelet. Wearing the bracelet whilst you run or do any sport helps you to track your progress. The Misfit Shine is one of the most-exciting new gadgets of the year. It has changed the way in which so many sports enthusiasts train. You can log all your exercise progress on your computer or smartphone using the device. This log means that you can work towards improving. Some devices are even waterproof, meaning you can wear them whilst swimming too.

2. The Quadcopter

Armature and professional film enthusiasts will love using an a quadcopter. A quadcopter kit allows you to attach a camera to a flying gadget. You can then film amazing imagery, whilst controlling the quadcopter as you would a toy helicopter. This gadget is no toy. It is a technical piece of equipment. By investing in this device, you open up a whole new world of film making. You can film scenes from the sky, opening up new ways of creating imagery and scenes. This gadget is a top choice for anyone who makes films in their spare time or even for a living.


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3. Goji Smart Lock

It is time to say goodbye to keys and hello to electronic lock systems. Yes, the future is here, and now we have no need for locks or door keys. The Goji Smart Lock is an electronic locking system that fits onto your front door. You can open the lock by using face recognition technology or keying in a pin. The lock films and recognises guests who come to your front door. Much like an intercom system (only much more sophisticated) the lock allows you to see who is at your door. This system could be the future of the door lock. Watch this space.

4. LG Home Chat

LG Home Chat allows you to communicate with your appliances using your mobile phone. For example, if you happen to be out and remember that you have left the oven on, you can send a text message to LG Home Chat. The system will then turn off your oven for you. This style of system is at the forefront of home-centric gadgets. We are likely to see plenty of copycat systems on the market in the next couple of years. The LG Home Chat is exclusive to LG smart watches and phones at the moment.

5. The Smart Toothbrush

In 2014, the smart toothbrush came onto the market. The smart brush works with an app to check how often and how well you brush your teeth. In the modern world many people neglect their cleaning routine, so this gadget helps to keep us right on track. The app also provides you with tips and tricks to make your routine more effective. There are many different brands now offering smart toothbrushes, so make sure that you shop around.