Starting a business can be hard, there is so much to do and not enough time to do it in. However, bringing your idea to life and being your own boss, makes the challenges you face as a new business owner, incredibly worthwhile.

Although the long hours and hard work that come with running a business are not that desirable, the result is that, over time, your business will begin to grow.

However, many new business owners make the mistake of taking on too much at once, trying to handle every aspect of the business themselves. These are the business owners who don’t make it past the first year mark. The key to this, is hiring a little bit of low cost help.


Hire a virtual office or personal assistant

If you work from home, a virtual office allows you to have a non-residential business address where all business related mail can be sent. This gives your company a more professional image and helps you keep your correspondence in order.

If you already rent an office, you will have no need for a virtual one. However, you may find a virtual personal assistant incredibly helpful. Your personal assistant will work from her own office answering your phone calls and taking enquiries for you, before sending all the information over to you. There is also the option of having your phone calls answered and then transferred to your personal phone. This gives your business an essential degree of credibility.

These services will help to keep your office running more smoothly, as well as taking some of the pressure off of you.

Hire IT Support

As a new business owner it is important to know just how valuable a good knowledge of IT is. You may think that you handle your IT yourself, but when you are incredibly busy and all of a sudden a server crashes, you may not have the time to fix it.

Of course you could sign up to an over-the-phone IT support service, and with their guidance fix it yourself. However, with a lack of time, it is best to invest in managed IT support from a specialised company. Although this will cost slightly more, what you should consider is whether you can afford to be unable to work and run your business properly because of problems with IT.

Hiring a managed IT support service will allow you to get on with running your business regardless of what IT issues may occur. You may also want to consider a data recovery service like a SQL Server Recovery system.”

Offer an internship

If you are struggling to do everything yourself, but can’t afford to employ a paid member of staff, then consider offering an internship. Experience is required in every industry, and internships are an excellent way for students and new graduates to gain experience.

Consider what you can offer an intern and then decide on what you would need from them in return. Advertise the position in local newspaper and websites. Invite the best candidates for an interview and then choose the most suitable one for your business’s needs.