From a business point of view, the internet is shark-infested water. You and your company are faced with more competitors than ever before. Correspondingly, your client or customer is keenly aware that their needs and choices can always be met. You may have a great product or a great deal. You may have outstanding content, advice, or news items. Whatever the major goal of your company, one of the earliest hiccups is not being seen. Talking in a room full of loud people is not going to get you heard. But, more than likely, neither is shouting in a room full of loud people. In fact, you’re more likely than ever to just blend in. What is far more likely to get results and lead to success, is an intelligent strategy. A well-constructed plan of attack to reach the right people at the right time. If you have something great to offer it is rarely necessary to “yell”. Rather, some careful media tips and tricks will create an air of confidence and professionalism. You’ll reach your intended audience and you’ll keep them too.


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1) Social Media

Social media has exploded in popularity in the last few years. It would be practically impossible to operate a large scale business without some form of social media presence. The well-established classics are Facebook, Twitter, and increasingly Instagram. To stay ahead, you will need to be aware of more than these. Newer family members such as Pinterest, SnapChat, and Periscope are an innovative way to connect to people. Users can number in their hundreds of thousands and many platforms are acknowledged as having a specific demographic. Pinterest has been shown to reach a high number of female users, for example, and Twitter is more popular for news and launches. Being aware of both the new and the old is key. But also having some understanding of the demographic your platform is likely to reach can be essential too. Have a social media update schedule and stick to it. Consider incorporating innovative, interactive ideas into your marketing. How about a live launch that people can join on YouTube or Periscope, for example? Or a competition run through Instagram? Let your creativity run wild and you will reach more people. That’s what social media is all about.

2) Grassroots Campaigns

Social media is so insanely popular, that occasionally shunning it can be a serious company statement! If you have a launch that suits an underground or slightly exclusive aesthetic, why not run a grassroots campaign? Rent a space and tell passers-by about it face to face. Use home printers, or large scanners if the project permits, to print old-fashioned flyers and posters to advertise. There can be something very special about a fun, retro launch for an ultra-modern product!

3) Get Geeky

Any entrepreneur who’s worth their salt knows to embrace the geek within. Ensure that you’re fully familiar with the workings of all software and search engines you utilise. If you’re not confident or feel there are gaps in your knowledge – learn! Pay particular attention to new terms and search engine optimisation tips, for example. You shouldn’t have to work for technology, technology works for you!