Wherever we go and whatever we do, it is likely that we will be filmed at some time in our day. Technology had advanced so fast over the last decade that it is now possible to record at higher quality and more cheaply than ever before. The invention of hard disc recorders means that terabytes of recordings can be made before the storage media needs to be overwritten. Well, we can’t fight it, and it is adding to our security and peacekeeping, so maybe it is a good thing.

Video cameras are now smaller and lighter than ever too. Some may still use tapes, but they are being overtaken in popularity by solid state flash drive technology. Since prices have plummeted over the last few years, the case for owning a personal video camera of some kind is compelling.

Here are some reasons why you should go out and buy one or more cameras yourself before you regret the time wasted without one.

Be a Director

Movies such as The Blair Witch Project are en vogue still. Armed with a script and a high definition video camera, anyone can make their own movie if they are wise. The aforementioned movie, for example, used no special effects at all; simply natural surroundings.


By placing cameras in the woods, or even your back garden, you will be able to see what critters move around at night. By using the best bird box cameras, which are incredible pieces of technology, you will be able to watch parents rear their young in real time. You will probably catch foxes roaming at night, and, if you are lucky, badgers. More commonly though will be hedgehogs and cats. Still, it is great fun viewing the tapes with the children and getting them interested in wildlife.


We are filmed on the streets, and if you feel insecure at home, you can be filmed there too. Video camera systems come in kits that are easily installed in and around the home. Despite what you may read, the evidence from these camera systems can be submitted in a court of law. To be on the safe side, you should always place a warning sign on the outside of your property to inform intruders that they are being filmed. That always seems a bit ridiculous to me but, as they say, the law is an ass.


Filming your family is, arguably, the number one reason for owning a video camera. Lives move on, and it is heartwarming to be able to revisit old times and see how we once were. It is too easy to forget how beautiful the children were at a young age, and a video camera is a magical solution to this. Everyone groans when dad turns the camera on, but they are all glad he did years later when they look back nostalgically.

Of course, in the memories section, there will be big occasions to film, such as weddings and birthdays. All of these occasions need to be recorded for prosperity. The video camera is a perfect tool for this. Everyone loves to see their nan drunk!

Are you convinced yet that the argument for owning a camera is sufficiently strong to make you go out and buy one? If not, you soon will be now that your curiosity is aroused.


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