Online project management platforms are proving to be a growing force for efficient business practices with SMEs adopting contemporary cloud-based, paper-free methods for their daily office collaborative tasks and project management.

Excellent for improving teamwork and assisting project leaders, here are 5 of the most popular features of online project management platforms:

  1. Online Workspace

The online workspace is the central go-to for all team members during a project. Customisable and highly user-friendly, a well-designed workspace allows for much more fluid, efficient collaboration than when teams are forced to communicate with email. Instead of long chains of exchanges that may or may not contain key information, and may or may not be viewable by relevant team members, an online workspace is highly inclusive and accessible. Discussions are threaded and visible to everybody, with all key interactions and exchanges taking place in this cloud-based location that is, essentially, a virtual office.

  1. File sharing

Arguably the most vital facility that an online platform for collaboration offers is for efficient, cost-effective file sharing and storage. Therefore, expect version-controlled documents and the storage of files in a central location within the online workspace. Doing away with paper methods of project management is hugely economical, benefitting efficiency and working conditions.

  1. Task Management

Among the suite of tools available to project managers are shared calendars, online whiteboards, and the facility to set deadlines and milestones, and designate tasks.

  1. Task time tracking

This feature allows for estimated timings per task, which can then be amended to record the actual time spent. This is a great tool for post-project review and analysis or for invoicing purposes.

  1. Project progression tracking

A number of tools are also provided with which to monitor a task’s audit trail, including Gantt charts and other visualised and illustrated representations of project progress.

In addition to these key features, though, is the fact that with cloud-based solutions to project management and collaboration, service providers are constantly seeking ways to further enhance their offering. Online platforms for collaboration and project management should be intuitive to use, requiring next to no investment in order to be effectively integrated into an organisation and its existing practices.