Online brokerages have brought a lot of changes to the stock market. First and foremost they brought democracy to trading. Several decades ago, anybody who wanted to invest money in stocks needed to hire a regular brokerage firm. These firms offered only expensive packages that included market advice, and many other expensive services.

Today anybody can become a trader and enjoy this lucrative and dynamic lifestyle. In this article we have reviewed some of the best trading apps that can help trading beginners to place smarter investments and build profitable portfolios.


Real-time in which Twitter works can be very useful for traders. That’s why most of them use Twitter to communicate with their colleagues and to find real-time market news. The Stocktwits app is similar to Twitter, but it is made solely for traders, which means it doesn’t come with fancy emojis and annoying celebrity tweets. On the other hand Stocktwits offers all information one trader needs for creating a successful market strategy. The app is very popular among big players and you will find plenty of helpful advice posted by some of the most successful traders from around the world.


This app is developed by experts from one of the biggest binary options brokerages. It enables users to read all news and articles that are shown on and to run their binary options portfolios in real time. The app can work on Android and iTunes and it comes with: up to 89% in returns, 100% execution rate, customer support that works 24/7, free trading alerts, early closure and many other useful features. Other than binary option trading, this app can also be used for tracking and trading top stocks, indices and a long list of world currencies.

Bloomberg Business app

The number one financial news portal created an app that allows users to access all content from the Bloomberg Business website and to closely track favorite stocks, binary options, Forex, indices, futures and many other types of assets. The app comes with trading alerts that warn users about breaking news and big market changes. It also comes with easily understandable tables and graphs that come with a long range of different parameters that will satisfy even the most demanding Wall Street sharks.


AnalystRT is a great app for people who rely on Wall Street analyst opinions. Not all traders like to use analyst opinions in their stock research. Some of them completely ignore all kinds of advice and focus on numbers only. AnalystRT can work on iTunes and Android and it is one of the least expensive paid trading apps, with the price of only $2.99. It comes with analyst ratings of several hundred most popular stocks and a watch list feature that allows users to shift their focus onto stocks they are interested in.

Stock Guru

This app is made exclusively for stock traders who use iPhone. It contains ratings for more than 7,000 different stocks and it also provides real-time market analysis with a long list of parameters placed inside easy-understandable tables. Some of the parameters that Stock Guru uses for stock analysis are: momentum, risk and proprietary guru rating that represents the sum of all parameters and tells traders the strength of the chosen stock. This app works only on iOS and it is a little bit more expensive than other trading apps described in this article. It can be bought for $19.99.

Trading is much easier now, when we can review our stock ratings at any time and do a close tracking of the assets we want to buy. Since traders are generally open to new technologies, we can expect mobile trading apps to become even more intelligent, make better predictions and enable us to rate even more stock parameters in the future.