Many small businesses are looking to the cloud to provide them with better structures and platforms to improve and modernise their services. Is yours? If not, it might be time to think again. In this guide, we’re going to outline five key reasons that your business should embrace cloud-based technology. Read on to find out if this might be a viable option for you.



Cheaper startup costs

Many cloud-based services use subscription models, rather than the one-off fee that you often get with software packages. This opens up plenty of possibilities for small businesses who may not afford those one-time costs. Regular monthly payments can be much easier to deal with when you are just starting out. And, that immediate cash saving could be used to strengthen your business in other areas.

More flexible

It is essential for all small businesses that they have options when it comes to the software and services that they use. It can be difficult to predict the future, and a couple of good months of profits could mean you are suddenly capable of scaling up. You need to act quickly to take advantage of this opportunity. According to cloud specialists Cloudamour, the cloud can offer a much more flexible way of working. It can work seasonally, grow with you, or you can scale back when needed. This limits your risk and means that you won’t have to discard equipment or software packages that you no longer have a use for.


Most cloud services can be set up and start running in no time at all. This is a vast improvement on the unwieldy process of buying, installing, and setting up expensive hardware and software. Also, you won’t have to allocate time to updating and managing the software that you use – it is all taken care of by the service provider. That gives you and your team the opportunity to spend more time doing more profitable tasks.

More accessible

Because cloud services are hosted elsewhere, they are available from remote locations. That mean that your team can work wherever they are. Many modern small businesses can offer their employees the chance to work from home or on the move, and the cloud is an enormous factor in this. Assuming there is an Internet connection available, you and your staff can access your service from anywhere. That accessibility brings many advantages – particularly the ability to act fast when needed.


Let’s face it, as a small business you have resources that, most probably, are stretched enough as it is. So how would you expect to find a security flaw in your system? You may not have the time or expertise to deal with it, and it could be years before you finally find the security issue. With cloud-based software, it is all taken care for you. And that peace of mind can help you concentrate on other areas.

Have you moved to the cloud, or are you tempted? We would love to hear your stories – so let us know in the comments section below.