Are you old enough to remember Snake? If not, do a quick Google search to see the first truly successful mobile game. It was preloaded on Nokia’s 6110 model, a handset released in the late 1990s. Since then mobile gaming has grown into a huge industry. According to a year-old estimate, mobile gaming revenues should have surpassed desktop and console game sales this year. There is still a bit of number crunching to do before we can see if it has come true. But until then let’s see some other numbers.

According to a recent statistic, over 60% of smartphone users play on their handsets – even if only casually. But these numbers don’t include a major group of players engaged in games you won’t see in statistics. The reason – they involve wagers in real money. Add it to the total, and the percentage grows further.

The mobile game library of the Royal Vegas Canadian casino doesn’t show up in the above stats. The reasons are simple: the Play Store won’t allow the deployment of real money gaming apps, which means that users need to access the Royal Vegas Casino through its mobile website. Not that this would be any inconvenience – the gaming experience in the Royal Vegas Mobile is the same as it were through a downloadable version.

But what about the US, you might ask? Well, the situation is a bit different there. The Royal Vegas Casino is a gaming outlet licensed in Europe, and as such, it doesn’t have access to the US market. This means that while there is a Royal Vegas app in Apple’s App Store, it can’t be used in the market where Apple is an undisputed leader…

Still, there are plenty of games to play with on both leading mobile operating systems. The Apple App Store has 479,553 active games (at the moment when this article is written, according to PocketGamer). This means that over 400 games have been submitted to it alone each day. Considering that its main competitor, Google’s Play Store, has a comparable number of apps (over 1.8 million compared to over 2.2 million in the App Store) and many games are deployed simultaneously in both (not counting the exclusives), the number of games you can play increases incredibly fast.

Mobile gaming is growing incredibly fast. Even if you are a dedicated PC gamer, you will most likely be convinced to download and install at least one companion game (or app) on your smartphone. And that might just be the first step – you will most likely get their taste, and become a mobile gamer in no time.