There’s nothing we love more than a fantastic gadget. Our homes are full of clever robots and toys, but what about the business world? We took a look and we were gobsmacked by what we found! There are some truly sci-fi inspired revolutions happening at the moment. They were too good not to share them with you. So, that’s exactly what we’ve done. What follows is five very real developments that are being developed and used right now. Prepare to be astonished.

Invisibility cloaks

Yes, we said invisibility cloaks! Harry Potter is not the only one with a see through cloak any more. There’s a very, very complicated process behind this. It involves stitching together gold material with a laser. It doesn’t sound real, does it? The final effect is a material that carefully inverses the refraction of light. It gives the impression of a see-through material. This technology is currently being tested by the military. It could take camouflage to the next level.

Super fast cameras

The typical Hollywood film is shot in 24 frames per second. As you’d expect, this captures 24 images every second before being put into motion. To put this into perspective, cameras are now being developed with – wait for it – 4.4 trillion frames per second. These cameras are being used to process miniscule light movements. The physical application for this is mostly limited to space research. It means that scientists can see the movements of early light in the universe.

Mind reading equipment

The very first mind reading hardware has been developed in labs in North America. It involves a highly sophisticated MRI scan that can capture memories and thoughts. The idea is that this equipment can be used to monitor brain activity in coma patients. However, some rich tycoons are already having their memories recorded and stored for the future!

Smart contact lenses

Developed by Google as the next step from Google Glass, these contact lenses are highly sophisticated. Essentially, they are augmented reality devices. They add value and information to the world around you using digital images. When you put the contact lens in, you will be presented with digital information right in front of your eyes. This could be used in the future to enhance your business. Currently, it can detect blood sugar levels in diabetes sufferers. But the future practical applications are unlimited.

Injection moulding and 3D printing

When we first heard whispers of 3D printing, it was predicted to take over the world. It hasn’t quite yet, but alongside injection moulding it is altering the world of businesses. Companies can now conjure objects, products and prototypes from nowhere! By heating plastic it can be injected, moulded and printed into any shape you want. Again, the practical applications are limitless.

The future isn’t easy to predict. However, looking at emerging technology is a good way to look ahead. Inventions like the ones listed here take years to develop. The military, space explorers and health experts are always the first to use this technology. It slowly becomes commonplace and trickles down. We certainly can’t wait for invisibility cloaks to arrive on the mass market!