Bitdefender has been considered one of the better overall internet security and anti-virus programs available, repeatedly for many years now.  The one thing over everything else great about it that makes it so appealing, is likely its simplicity.  If you are not interested in the extras that seem to be packaged with more and more modern internet security suites, such as anti-theft for mobiles and secure cloud storage, then Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 is a sensible choice that will provide you with the protection you need for your computer without you having to do much work.

The main screen, much like previous incarnations of the software, is laid out in a very practical and organised way.  There is a banner that tells you whether you are protected or not and there are large buttons for the Tools, Privacy and Protection sections of the interface, along with smaller buttons that enable you to configure optimisation , update the software and scan your computer.  From here you can also select “Autopilot,” when you want the security suite to work silently in the background. Consider using it if you don’t want a pop-up notification every time Bitdefender blocks an attack.

Features that are new to the security software are gaming, movie-watching and working profiles.  These profiles help to alter your computer settings and level of required security depending on the kinds of programs you are using.  Gaming is when most people reading this post will find this function of Bitdefender most useful and helpful, as other security suites on the market red flag games as dangerous programs.

In addition to the above there are a few other features that will help to ensure your time spent online is safe.  This includes link-scanning and Bitdefender Wallet.  The former identifies potentially dangerous links on websites, Twitter streams and Google results; while the latter makes online banking a much safer experience.

For the most part,  Bitdefender Antivirus has been considered one of the better overall internet security and antivirus companies, repeatedly for many years now.  Especially if you are using a Windows 7 or more recent computer.  Although start-up time is generally unaffected on Windows Vista and XP running computers, applications and software does seem to be slow to open and/or install with Bitdefender running.

Although it does not have unnecessary features and gizmos that you will never use, Bitdefender does come with an installable widget for your desktop and some additional add-ons for your preferred internet browser.  The desktop widget displays things like notifications and the status of your protection so you don’t have to always load the program up properly.   These additions are very user-friendly and easy to get the hang of.

To summarise, Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 may not be the most comprehensive suite on the market, but it is a good choice for any casual or professional computer user who wants as little fuss as possible and the right level of protection running in the background.