The thing about technology is that we all use it each day, whether we like to or not! Of course, it’s something that gets utilized to improve and enrich our lives, both at home and at work. If you run a business, it’s obvious that you’ll use all kinds of technology to fulfill your tasks each day.

You might not realize it, but you can also use it to improve your company’s customer service! One might think that being friendly to customers and talking to them in person is enough. But, today’s tech-savvy consumers expect better levels of service in our connected world.

So, just how can technology help your enterprise to excel at customer satisfaction and become “the best”? Check out these examples:


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Offer an online chat facility

Let’s face it; many people lead busy lives. If you want to get hold of a representative from a business, you might think that email is a convenient way to do so. The only trouble is; email conversations take too long.

If your customers want answers to their questions now, and they don’t want to phone you, what should you do? The answer is simple: offer an online chat facility! By doing so, your customer service agents can speak to a raft of people simultaneously. Scripted responses mean that agents don’t have to type the same answers out all the time. And it also means you can still offer a professional level of customer service.

There are many software solutions that can enable you to set up an online chat facility on your website. LivePerson is a good example that thousands of companies like yours use each day.

Send your customers personalized videos

Do your clients buy high-ticket items from you like cars or electrical appliances? If so, you might not realize it but personalized videos are a brilliant way to upsell to them! At the same time, they can also get used as tools to gauge what they think about your products and level of customer service.


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Let’s say that you run a car dealership. You could film yourself walking around the showroom and showing your customers the latest models you have on offer. Meanwhile, the sales rep is talking to you and addressing you by your name. Such customer service and marketing methods are memorable. And they’re likely to result in repeat business!

Expand your call center availability

Does your business have a call center in-house? If so, it’s likely you’ll only have a finite amount of agents available to take calls. During busy periods, your customers might get an engaged tone. That’s the worst thing that could happen!

Instead, technology can lend a helping hand. When your inbound lines are busy, your phone system could divert calls to a business answering service. Your customers won’t know any different. That’s because the agents act as a backup call center. They’re all trained to answer questions about the products and services you offer.

So, now you know the secrets of using technology to improve your customer service. It’s time to put them into action. Good luck!