As the world makes the transition from laptop to tablet, the printing industry is continually releasing new technology to keep up to date and stay relevant. Tablet use has grown into big business with over a third of the UK population now owning some form of portable device.By making their product accessible from such a popular machine, they are continuing to hold significance in an industry where everything is digitised.

The revolution of the tablet started in the turn of the century, but really exploded when Apple released the first iPad in 2010. Now four years on, and twenty million people in the UK alone own tablets. They have become the new essential gadget that everyone, from the businessman to the housewife, is using and talking about. This begged the question; where does this leave the computer focused printing industry?

Traditional printing methods struggled for a while to develop into a tablet-centric industry within this electronic revolution. Now Canon have the answer, with their printing app. The company jumped onto the bandwagon and realised even way back in 2010 that tablets were about to be big business. They evolved with the technology and positioned themselves comfortably amongst the printing-on-the-go development. There were already some correlation between the suitability of printing and mobile phones technology, and now Canon have added tablets to that list.

Sam Yoshida, vice president of Canon USA said; “With today’s mobile workforce, being able to print on-the-go is becoming an increasingly valuable asset. The new Canon Mobile Printing App provides ease of use and places the traditional print functionality at the fingertips of today’s mobile worker.”

The App of Many Uses

All it needs is an internet connection to work, the app connects the tablet to the printer in a way that is quick and easy, and more importantly wireless.

The Canon app can print any number of file types; photographs, PDF’s and Microsoft Office files, so good for an array of activities that can be used for business or pleasure. Any number of useful features can be selected from the application that will make your printing easier and more accessible than ever.

One of the best things about the Canon app is that it is completely free and can be downloaded from anywhere. It works for mobile phone and tablet, so can be used for printing off holiday snaps from your phone or important work from the tablet. Never have a printing emergency again by having hard copies of all photos and work, should there ever come a day when there is an issue with the tablet.

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