Alongside regular gaming, online slot gambling is constantly changing, incorporating new technology, with the aim to provide an ever more exciting way to gamble online. Creating something that will deliver the goods is no easy thing to accomplish, with at least ten people collaborating on the project.

The Project

From the original concept stage, through to testing the game. There are a range of specialist people involved. A project of this magnitude would require an experienced project manager, someone who would coordinate the different teams, as they interact with each other, in an effort to produce the desired result.

The concept

The first stage is to come up with a theme, or concept that the game will be based on.  This must be determined by taking into account playability, graphics capabilities, and level of complexity, to find something that will attract players, yet is doable technically.

The design

The design team will now work with the creative people to put together the framework for the program, with particular emphasis on the technical aspects. One of the first things to decide is what type of gambler will this slot attract, a low risk game will attract the players who enjoy playing, and wish to for as long as they can. Small, regular payouts and low jackpots are the norm in this field, as it provides extra credits to continue playing. Medium risk games offer high and low jackpots, with in-game bonus features that make the play more attractive. The high risk slots provide a chance to win the big jackpots, and are typically set to pay out less often, and possibly cost more to play.

The game mood

How a player feels when playing the game is of the utmost interest to the slot developers, and there are a range of moods that are typically used in the online slot industry. If the theme is cartoony, then the characters would be full of life, and the various bonus features would be cleverly incorporated into the graphics, allowing the player to become immersed in the experience. If you prefer the more traditional games, try, where you can experience the excitement of your favourite casino game.

The details

The design team would agree on colours and fonts, and every detail would be considered, with the game developers brought in at this stage. The various levels of play would be tastefully blended into the theme, to create a playing positive experience.


The game is extensively tested, and any bugs are fixed. This stage could take months, as volunteers play away, looking for any glitches in the program.

The sticky measure of success

If a slot is “sticky” it means players stay on for a long time, and regularly return for more. This generates a higher revenue, and with so many online casinos, all vying for their market share, a good game will produce results. The ultimate goal for the project team is to create a sticky game that remains popular for years, and to achieve this, an awful lot of planning and preparation is needed.